3 Questions To Ask Before Sending Your Troubled Teen To A Boot Camp


When troubled teenagers, both boys and girls, have an emotional, behavioral or mental health issue, the pain and confusion may cause them to act out in ways that a damaging and destructive, both physically and emotionally. Relationships at school, work and at home can become strained and teens may even engage in illegal behavior that could seriously impact their future. When parents need to get their troubled teens away from their current situation for their own good, many turn to boot camps.

What Are Boot Camps for Troubled Teens?

Boot camps for troubled teens are special facilities that provide short-term assistance and therapy while family members make arrangements for long-term care. They provide a structured atmosphere where teens can start to assess their lives, break bad habits and disassociate with those who are not being a good influence on them. Boot camps are focused on physical activity, therapy and discipline and teens can learn how to be better citizens, leaders and more.

What Kind of Teen Can Boot Camps Help?

Any teen who is not able to continue on in school and at home due to behavior issues is a good candidate for boot camp. Many teens who go to boot camp haven’t had professional help in dealing with issues like ADD/ADHD, bipolar, abuse trauma, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and more. Boot camps are a way for teens to start at a new place with licensed and experienced professionals who can begin the process of recovery and healing.

What Are Boot Camps Like?

There are a range of boot camps with different focuses, locations and durations. Generally, a boot camp for troubled teens takes place in a secure, comfortable space, such as a multi-campus or even in the wilderness. The program should have basic schedules, plenty of organized activities and lots of qualified staff. Often, they include outdoor recreation or high adventure activities. Teens will experience group and individual therapy sessions as well. A boot camp may or may not include academic instruction, depending on the focus.

When a teenager’s behavior is out of control and parents have tried everything they can think of, it’s time to consider boot camps for troubled teens. With the help of doctors, psychiatrists, school counselors and others, parents can decide whether or not boot camp is the first step toward getting their teenager the proper help they need.

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