10 Questions Parents Have the First Month Their Son Is at Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys

10 Questions Parents Have the First Month Their Son Is at Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Boys

Sending an adolescent to therapeutic boarding school is a big decision, and once that decision is made, it’s often followed with worry and guilt, according to the NYTimes. This can lead to many questions that many parents are embarrassed to ask. This is why we’ve decided to help parents by answering those questions in our blog.

  1. How long does it take to see improvement in my son?

    Therapeutic boarding schools are expensive with a cost of $10,000 to $15,000 a month depending on the program. Due to this investment, many parents want to see improvements in their son right away. The faster their son is “cured,” the less money they have to spend.

    Many parents of troubled boys begin to see improvements in their son within a couple of weeks. It can take longer for those who are struggling with mental illness and substance abuse, as they need to consult with medical professionals for medication and detox.

  2. How can I support my son?

    Communication is the best way to support your teen. Through collaboration, we want to bring families closer together, so they can learn to get along with each other before they are reunited in the home settings.

  3. When can I visit?

    It can be difficult to be away from your son, but time apart can heal wounds and learn from past mistakes. We often encourage parents to wait at least a couple of weeks before visiting, so the teen can become acclimated to the boarding school before reintroducing the familiarities of home.

  4. Can I send care packages?

    Care packages are a great idea, but be sure they contain items approved by the therapeutic boarding school. Speak with the program’s counselor for a list or to confirm what is being sent is allowed.

  5. Is my teen safe?

    Parents often wonder if their son is safe in therapeutic boarding school. While there are some boarding schools that have a reputation of harming children, you can be rest assured Sundance Canyon Academy is not one of them. With our extensive programs, highly qualified staff, and endorsements, you can have peace of mind your son is getting the care he needs to recover from the trials and tribulations of adolescence.

  6. Will other troubled boys influence my son?

    Everyone in the therapeutic boarding school is working on recovering. Many of them have similar stories and as they get to know one another and work with counselors, they begin to see the path they were on was not a good one. Together, they learn the skills and knowledge they need to lead a successful life outside of the program. So, the answer is yes, they do influence your son, but in a good way.

  7. Should I do anything while my son is in boarding school?

    We recommend parents seek help as well from a local counselor. Discussing the hardships you’ve been through the past couple of years can help you process them, so you can handle the changes your son is experiencing.

  8. When do I know my son is ready to leave the program?

    With regular contact with the counselors and staff at the therapeutic boarding school, you will hear about the progress being made and the estimated time left for the program you’re son is currently enrolled. Since programs are individualized, your son could leave earlier or later depending on achievements.

  9. Did I make the right choice?

    Many parents question the choice to seek a therapeutic boarding school for their troubled son. If you’ve exhausted all resources in your local area, this was probably the most logical next step. It’s likely you made the right choice.

  10. Can he come home for a weekend?

    Parents often want to have their son back as soon as possible. While we understand this biological need to have your son with you, it’s not wise to do it in the first month. Your son needs time to become accustomed to the new environment and going home may make it harder for you son and delay his progression in the program.

Questions are common, and all parents are encouraged to ask them. Please contact us for more information about therapeutic boarding school for your troubled son. We are here for him and you through the decision making process.

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