​Programs For Troubled Teens: Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Academic Credit Repair

The Impact of a Positive Outside Influence on Your Defiant Teen

Mental illness, trauma and behavioral problems are more far reaching in a teen’s life than many people realized. At least until they have had children of their own who have struggled. It becomes clear then just how many aspects of their lives are impacted by depression, personality or mood disorders, legal trouble, substance abuse, eating disorders and the many other complications affecting teens in today’s world.

One of the biggest areas targeted is academic performance. Not only is this a deeply troubling issue for teenagers facing it, but it can have a lifelong consequence for their lives. The number of troubled teens who dropout of school is shocking. Once they have reached that point, it can difficult for them to claw their way out of poverty, as adults.

Therapeutic boarding schools are a way to both address the struggles they are dealing with and improve their academic performance, repairing damaged high school credit.

What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

A therapeutic boarding school is an institution that provides a 50/50 balance between therapy and academic tutoring, within the secure environment of a boarding academy. It is fully accredited and monitored by the US Department of Education, classifying both as a school and a residential treatment center.

While there, students spend half of their time in individual, group and activity based therapy. This is to get to the core issues behind their behavior and to help them learn to cope with their conditions.

The other half is spent in classes, with one on one attention and much smaller class sizes. Tutors are on staff to work with students on subjects they are struggling with and to get them up to date with their peers.

Many students are looking to make up credits so they can graduate on time. Therapeutic boarding schools have accelerated classes available, so your child can catch up with their peers.

How Long Is a Typical Stay in a Therapeutic Boarding School?

These are paid boarding schools and they have to be done in residence, not as off-campus students. So many parents worry about how long their child will have to commit to stay. The exact amount of time will be decided between you and administrative staff/medical staff at the time of enrollment.

The average stay is 12 – 18 months. Payment plans and visiting hours are available, including long distance visitation via Skype.

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