​How Disconnected Parents Consider Leaders At A Boarding School Rather Than The Nanny Stepping Up To Parent

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It can be hard to send your troubled teen away for behavioral treatment. Those individuals outside of the turmoil in the home may not understand the decision to do so. But parents should consider a few key ways in which boarding schools can help develop struggling teenagers into future leaders.

Giving Troubled Teens Strong Role Models

No slight against your own parenting and ability to be a role model, but teens who are rebelling usually never look to their parents for an example of good behavior. Yet strong role models are necessary to help your teen learn how to become leaders.

At boarding schools, staffs have been trained to help struggling teens move forward in life. Some of the positive ways they impact troubled teens are:

  • Offering structure and discipline – Teens who are struggling tend to feel out-of-control, yet can resent parents who try to impose control. Familiarity can breed contempt, so have new faces who have imposed structure and discipline from the start can help troubled teens come out of an emotional tailspin.
  • Modeling positive attitudes – Staff at boarding schools are trained to maintain a positive attitude when working with students. They are able to model a positive and optimistic outlook for teens who may have lost the ability to look towards the future confidently. Without confidence in their future, teens may never learn to become leaders.
  • Demonstrate respect – Learning how to be respectful even under difficult circumstances can be difficult. Troubled teens tend to struggle with respect, both in demonstrating it and being able to receive it. While at boarding schools, the staff focuses on both to help teens develop respect.

Struggling Teens Need A Place To Grow

Changing bad behaviors can be difficult, especially when surrounded by all the people and places that originally influenced the negative behavior. Some of the ways boarding schools specifically help are:

  • Fresh start – It can be easier for your teenager to develop new habits when they are at new surroundings. And as the habits encouraged at boarding schools are positive, this may be the best opportunity to help your teen.
  • Change without judgment – Though your teen may try to change bad behaviors, it can be difficult while in their old surroundings and with negative peers. At a behaviorally-focused boarding school, positive change is encouraged and embraced so teens can grow without negative judgment being passed.

When it comes to sending your troubled teen away to a boarding school, don’t think of it as asking a “nanny” to parent your child. By allowing your child to attend boarding school, you are giving your teen the opportunity to move forward as a leader in their own life.

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