​Helping Teens Manage Back To School Anxiety

As we round the corner into August, it is time to start thinking about back to school. For some teenagers, this is a fun time where they get to see their friends again, get back into their routines and edge a little bit further into their futures. It is no wonder they find it so exciting.

For others, it isn’t such a happy moment. Troubled teens have likely found some reprieve over the summer from the intense worries and anxieties that come along with school. Now they could be starting to act out as the time comes closer.

More extreme cases may be cause for concern. Intense mental illness, depression, personality disorders, behavioral disorders, violent outbursts, drug abuse, risky sexual behaviors, suicidal ideation and others problems may have led in the past to residential treatment.

Now that school is starting, what do you do to help them manage anxiety and not act out? What if it isn’t enough?

Managing Back To School Anxiety

The first step is always the most basic. Sit down with your teen and ask them how they are feeling about returning to school. Then really try and listen to them. They might not always say what you want to hear, or what you are expecting. But if you try not to find hidden meaning and really hear them.

Once you know, start setting up a plan. Are they worried about a particular teacher? Consider moving classes for the year. Is an extracurricular just too much stress? They may need to drop it for awhile.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

What if your child is troubled and acting out to a degree that they are a potential danger? You could have already experienced the highs and lows leading to a residential treatment center but don’t want to send them back and further disrupt their schooling.

A good medium is a therapeutic boarding school. This is a program based around the idea that you can combine intensive therapeutic care with equally thorough academic correction.

The great thing about this kind of program is that it gives individualized attention to your child using teachers, tutors, administrators, therapists, psychiatrists and other professionals who are trained for the unique qualities of your teenager’s case,

For your child’s anxiety, they can feel better knowing they are going to a specialized school with peers who face the same struggles they do on a day to day basis. That can be very reassuring.

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