What Is Taught At A Christian Boarding School?


Christian therapeutic boarding schools can be extremely similar to other therapeutic boarding schools without a religious emphasis, but many parents are curious about the differences in the curriculum rather than the similarities. When it comes to helping troubled teens heal, therapeutic boarding schools of all sizes and styles focus on individual and group therapy so teens can overcome their issues. However, academics is an important component of Christian and non-religious therapeutic boarding schools.

So, what is taught at a Christian boarding school? Parents who are considering enrolling their troubled teen in a Christian boarding school should ensure that the program meets the highest standards, and don’t compromise academics in any way. There are several ways that parents can discover what any Christian boarding school will be teaching their child.


Parents can get a good understanding of what each Christian boarding school will teach when they identify what kind of accreditation group the school is affiliated with. Whether it’s a Christian school or not, most licensed therapeutic boarding schools are affiliated with some kind of credentialing and accreditation organization, and will meet certain academic standards in order to stay compliant. Parents should be wary of any kind of teen help program with academic claims that does not belong to an accredited program.

Personalized Education Plans

Parents can understand how their teen will be taught when they inquire about the school’s teaching methods, teachers, class sizes and so forth as it relates to their child. Depending on where the student is academically, all efforts are made to get the troubled teen back up to grade level, and then beyond if possible. and As with most therapeutic boarding schools, the staff of teachers and aides meet to lay out an education plan for each student. As the weeks progress, the teachers should meet often to discuss how well it is working and make adjustments as necessary.

Spiritual Instruction

Parents can learn more about what religious and spiritual instruction their child will receive at a Christian boarding school by asking questions of the director, staff members and clergy. Christian boarding schools teach Christian-oriented curricula, which generally means that subjects like science and history are taught with religious emphasis. it can include Christian scripture, stories, worship and philosophies into the daily life and classroom teachings of students. It can also mean that students must attend a number of worship services, like evening devotionals or weekly church services. While some Christian schools may allow students to opt out of certain events or lessons, most programs heavily intertwine mandatory Christian practices with the academic and recreation components of the school.

Students at therapeutic boarding schools are expected to participate in the academic side of the program, as well as the therapeutic, recreation and religious side. As parents make the difficult decision to enroll their troubled teen in a Christian therapeutic boarding school, knowing what to expect and what is taught at these facilities can make the transition much easier and less stressful for both parents and teens.

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