Boarding School for Troubled Teens

Boarding_School_for_Troubled_TeensOnce you’ve made the decision that your troubled teen needs more help than regular therapy, a whole new world of options and information opens up before you. There are many different programs in the teen help industry and most parents who haven’t been through this difficult time before don’t know where to turn for real advice and unbiased information.

Help Your Teen Now is a non-profit parent advocate group with resources gathered from parents just like you. We help prepare parents of troubled teens on what to know, where to look and the right questions to ask. Sending your teenager to a boarding school for troubled teens is very difficult, but Help Your Teen Now is with you every step.

If you are a worried parent who wants real and honest advice on troubled teen schools, you can have a free counseling session with Help Your Teen Now when you call 1-800-901-7347.

Why Help Your Teen Now?

There are many benefits of boarding school for troubled teens that may be difficult to see at the beginning, but after a successful stay, many troubled tens emerge healthier and happier than before. When a troubled teen is not finding success at home or at a traditional school, it can lead to a downward spiral where it seems as if there is no way to rise up and change things. Therapeutic boarding schools are safe, structured facilities where troubled teens can get the therapeutic and academic help that home and traditional school cannot provide.

However, not every boarding school for troubled teens is the same. From different regulatory laws that vary by state to identifying programs with true success versus those who just make empty claims, it’s easy for parents to get overwhelmed with information. When you want unbiased advice on troubled teen schools, consider Help Your Teen Now. We aren’t affiliated with any school or program, so our advice is unbiased and accurate. As hard as it is for you as a parent to decide to send your troubled teen to a therapeutic boarding school, it is often in your family’s best interest to do so.

Benefits of Troubled Teen Schools Recommended by Help Your Teen Now

Therapeutic boarding schools are often a troubled teen’s last, best chance of getting the professional help he or she needs to change their ways. If you aren’t familiar with teen boarding schools, let Help Your Teen Now share some of the benefits of these unique facilities so that you can make informed decisions. Often, once parents learn more about these teen boarding schools, they are more than willing to enroll their child because they can see the incredible opportunities ahead.

Here are 10 benefits of therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens:

  1. Troubled teen school is well supervised and highly structured.
  2. Teens live in groups in a dorm or house.
  3. Each group of teens are responsible for cleaning, laundry, cooking and other duties.
  4. Teens must also attend school, where classes are small and they get individualized education plans.
  5. Classes are taught by licensed and experienced teachers who help teens stay at grade level and even prepare for college or vocational schools.
  6. Teens receive both individual and group therapy several times per week.
  7. Licensed and certified therapists and counselors are a key part of long-term recovery.
  8. Recreational therapy is a big part of troubled teenager schools, with activities, extracurricular clubs, social events and more.
  9. Character-building seminars and leadership workshops help teens discover their inner strength and develop a more mature outlook on their future.
  10. The focus on building and maintaining healthy relationships is a key part of healing family tensions from the past.

It doesn’t matter what behavioral, emotional or mental health condition your troubled teen is suffering with. Troubled teen schools are some of the best ways to ensure they are getting the right kind of help for their condition. Help your Teen Now is standing by waiting to assist you in finding the best school for you and your teen.

Without Troubled Teen Schools, Kids Face Big Odds

It’s no secret that teenagers who don’t get professional help for any number of issues are at risk for engaging in damaging, destructive and even dangerous behavior. At risk teens need all the help they can get as early as possible, so it’s a good idea to call help Your Teen Now as soon as possible so we can give you advice on what you need to do to get the process started.

Among the more common things that today’s teens deal with are depression, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, ODD, substance abuse, abuse trauma, low self-esteem, adoption and abandonment issues, and more. When these conditions are not being treated or addressed, many teens engage in risky behaviors to cover up their pain, confusion and sorrow.

Here are just a few of the risky behaviors of teens who don’t get help:

  1. Regular alcohol use and binge drinking
  2. Regular tobacco use
  3. Marijuana and other illegal drug use
  4. Fighting and bullying
  5. Suicidal thoughts and attempts
  6. Risky sexual activity
  7. Criminal activity

At therapeutic boarding schools, teens with a number of issues can overcome their bad behavior and work toward health and happiness. Without boarding schools, teens can make decisions that end up costing them their future.

How Does Help Your Teen Now Help Families Find a Boarding School for Troubled Teens?

Making the decision to enroll a troubled teenager in a therapeutic boarding school can make parents question themselves and they may not get support from others who mistakenly think that if they were just a little more strict, their teen would be fine. Despite the struggles that parents endure when sending their child to therapeutic boarding school, it’s worth it when their teenager learns, grows and heals in a positive, long-lasting way.

Help Your Teen Now can assist you in finding a boarding school for your troubled teen in several ways. We will answer any questions you have via email or phone, we provide a free comprehensive evaluation, we can provide you with recommendations for schools across the country, and we’ll even advise you on your child’s individual education plans and psychological evaluations. You don’t have to do this difficult thing alone. Instead, rely on the years of experience at Help Your Teen Now and let us be your guide to getting your teenager back on track.

For a free consultation, please call Help your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347 and allow your troubled teen a chance to start over.

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