What Your Teen Will Think When You Send Them To A Boarding School For Troubled Teens


TeenOpinionOfBoardingSchoolIf you are wondering what your teen will think when you send them to a boarding school for troubled teens, you might be pleasantly surprised. In the past, the initial impression of a boarding school was admittedly less than stellar, such as cliques with mean kids or those who snuck around spooky buildings. It’s no wonder that parents or adolescents with that impression hesitate to set foot in a boarding school for troubled teens. The following tips might help your child accept the idea of attending a boarding school.

1. Defining Therapeutic Boarding School

A therapeutic boarding school has several different components, including academic, behavioral, emotional, personal and social. If your teen puts the techniques into practice, he or she will develop and mature into a well-rounded individual. Understanding how these aspects work together to benefit your teen can help them buy into attending boarding school.

2. Staying Close As A Family

Society values the bond of a family, and parents and teens often believe that means living together. However, a young person can begin to learn independence in a structured environment before they actually become an adult. By placing your teen in a boarding school, they can start to spread their proverbial wings in a safe environment. Boarding school can give them an outlet for scholastic success, creative endeavors or sports activities at a whole new level than they found at their previous school. At the same time, the child’s behavioral and emotional needs are addressed.

3. In The Teen’s Best Interests

The combination of therapy and academics serves to occupy the teen as they adjust to a new environment where they can make a fresh start. An educational consultant can work with parents to find the school that will offer the most benefits for their child.

Reasons Your Child Might Want to Attend Boarding School

As you work to change the image of what your teen will think when you send them to a boarding school for troubled teens, remember that they could attend boarding school for one of several reasons.

  • They are intelligent but struggle with a traditional classroom setting or aren’t sure how to make friends. They might face challenges in a crowded classroom and not know how to cope. Smaller class sizes with individualized attention in a less stressful environment might be just the ticket to help your young person succeed. Despite less pressure, boarding schools can provide excellent preparation for higher education.
  • A round-the-clock, supportive environment might help your teen and your family learn how to navigate these difficult years successfully. Many issues, such as family problems, academics, behavioral issues, anger, trauma and substance abuse, can be successfully negotiated with the 24/7 attention offered by a therapeutic boarding school.
  • Some teens decide to brave attendance at a therapeutic boarding school simply because they want the opportunities the school offers. While they might dabble in some risky behaviors, these are not serious enough to warrant boarding school. If as a parent, you went to a boarding school as a teen or if they are looking for a school with a strong emphasis in sports or the creative arts, they might decide to attend for a trial period.

As you can see, a boarding school for troubled teens does not have to be an intimidating experience for your child. Once you discuss various choices and visit the school to see what it’s really like, it should be easier to consider boarding school as a valid option that might be best for your entire family.

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