Are Troubled Teenagers Ever a Lost Cause?

Some days, the struggles with your teen seem insurmountable. Between the constant verbal battles, the risky behaviors and the poor choices, you may feel like nothing you do will help. It’s a feeling shared by many parents who are dealing with teenagers that have legal issues, drug addiction, pregnancy, truancy or severe mental health issues. It’s hard to remember that this troubled teen, who has almost become a stranger to you now, was once the cute and innocent little baby that you once held in your arms with your heart full of hopes and dreams. However, your teen really is that same child and regardless of how challenging this time of your life is, every child deserves a chance at a fulfilling life, which for troubled teens means finding the help necessary to overcome these severe difficulties.

Focusing on the present
Oftentimes, a teen’s poor behavior choices stem from a place of pain. Every person wants to feel relief from pain, whether it be physical pain or emotional pain. Your teen is no exception. These behaviors and challenges are often cries for help and ways to try to relieve the pain, if even just a little. The first step to helping your teen is to try to figure out why your child is struggling and seek out the help needed to heal.

Teens are resilient and can make positive changes if given the opportunity and the resources to. Because their brains are still developing, it can be hard for them to know when to seek help and to know what resources will fix the pain. Being an advocate for your child can be an important factor in finding the help your child needs.

Preparing for the future
Many struggling teens go on to have a bright future, if they receive the help needed to overcome adolescent challenges. While some teens do face a lifetime of legal, substance and mental health issues, many more receive the appropriate health and overcome the issues. No teenager is ever a lost cause because every one of them has the potential to overcome the pain and challenging behaviors and go on to enjoy meaningful careers, relationships and lives.

It may be difficult to imagine ever coming out of the adolescent battlefield, but with a strong team of people willing to help you and your child, a lifetime of hope and promise await.

If you are struggling with your teenager and you feel that it’s time to seek help, call us for a free consultation. We are here for you and will work with you to determine the best treatment option for your struggling teen. We provide our services free of cost to parents because we believe that every teen deserves the help he or she needs to overcome challenges and to grow and thrive.

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