Trinity Teen Solutions

Trinity Teen Solutions is a residential treatment center with a Christian-based therapy approach designed to help troubled girls who may be struggling with issues like narcissistic behavior, depression, anger issues, adoption or attachment issues, low self esteem, ADD/ADHD, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, anxiety, and more. This 4,000-acre ranch teaches Christian morality and blends it with therapy and activities that let girls discover who they are and learn to better manage their issues and overcome their challenges.

Trinity Teen Solutions in Powell, Wyoming Key Facts

School Name : Trinity Teen Solutions
Location : Powell, Wyoming
Ages : 12-18
School Gender : Girls
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded : 2002

Licensed Faculty at School

Staff at Trinity Teen Solutions have earned professional degrees such as a master’s in counseling, a bachelor’s in recreational therapy, a bachelor’s in family science, a bachelor’s in recreation, a bachelor’s in learning disabilities and a bachelor’s in Biblical counseling and psychology. Staff members also have extensive ministry, youth ministry, mission and more.

Student Activities Available

Students at Trinity Teen Solutions can participate in a range of activities including hiking, camping and riding bikes. Many activities center on living and working on a functional ranch, including chores and other responsibilities.

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