Working With A Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys


One of the biggest hesitations that parents have about sending their troubled teen boys to therapeutic boarding school is that they are not exactly sure what will happen to their children once they get there. Therapeutic boarding schools for boys may seem like too extreme of a solution for a family’s problems, but the reality is that placing troubled teen boys in this kind of teen help facility can provide long-lasting benefits.

In order for parents to feel more comfortable exploring the possibility of therapeutic boarding schools for boys, it’s helpful to get a good look at what really goes on at such a facility.

Here are 5 things that happen at a therapeutic boarding school for boys:

  1. Structure. Therapeutic boarding schools employ licensed, experienced professionals in a range of positions. The daily life of the school is orderly, structured and full of support. Troubled teen boys often resist structure but actually do well when they know what is expected of them. All students participate in organized activities like chores, school, study time, recreation and more.
  2. Therapy. Of course, therapeutic boarding schools provide professional counseling and therapy for each teen boy’s underlying issue, whether it’s depression, anxiety, aggression, substance abuse, ADD/ADHD, abuse trauma, or something else. Once the root of the issue is identified, teens can work toward healing.
  3. School. It’s the key to a happier and healthier adult life and academics is a big part of life at a therapeutic boarding school. Teachers with small class sizes work hard to get teen boys to their grade level work and regular school plus special tutoring if needed means that teen boys spend a lot of time in the classroom getting the help they need.
  4. Fun. Therapeutic boarding schools aren’t all work. In fact, most successful places have a range of activities designed to help teen boys learn to enjoy life and build their self-esteem. From music lessons and rock climbing to horseback riding, sports, and field trips, therapeutic boarding schools know how to teach boys to enjoy themselves while they learn and grow.
  5. Life skills. Teen boys don’t stay that way forever, and eventually need to learn the skills to transition to the adult world. Many therapeutic boarding schools offer support as the teens learn new coping skills for life’s challenges and other important skills to help them launch on their own.

Many parents are not sure whether a therapeutic boarding school is right for their troubled teenage boys, but once they learn what daily life is like at these facilities and the range of things to do within the program, it becomes a much easier decision to enroll their sons. Parents who desire to learn more about these teen help programs and therapeutic boarding schools in particular should start doing the research to find the right place for their teen’s needs.

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