Kootnai Behavioral Health Center

Kootnai Behavioral Health Center is a youth acute psychiatric inpatient program designed to treat children and adolescents, along with a day treatment and therapeutic day school. The 28-bed facility provides patients with individual and group therapy to overcome challenges and develop appropriate skills in managing their emotions, behaviors and symptoms. Group activities at Kootnai Behavioral Health Center help teens with positive social skills like goal setting and crisis management. Academic needs for all ages and grades are taken care of through the associated Kootenai Academy.

Kootnai Behavioral Health Center in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Key Facts

School Name : Kootnai Behavioral Health Center
Location : Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Ages : 6-18
School Gender : Co-ed
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded : 1998

Licensed Faculty at School

The Kootnai Behavioral Health Center is part of the larger Kootnai Health organization, which employs a range of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, family counselors, substance abuse counselors and anger management specialists.

Student Activities Available

Because Kootnai Behavioral Health Center is an intensive care facility, participants are in a more restrictive environment to address their crisis-level needs. Group activities emphasize positive reinforcement, verbal redirection and teamwork, while individual therapy sessions include art and music. Therapists use a point card system for behavior modification goals and family therapy is also a key part of residency. For teens who can participate, junior high and high school classes are available.

Map of School Location

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