Ironwood is a therapeutic residential school for teens who struggle with a range of behavioral, emotional and physical challenges such as low self-esteem, substance abuse, ADD, ADHD, various addictions, anxiety disorders, depression, grief, post-traumatic stress and the effects of abuse and neglect. Located next to the Frye Mountain Wildlife Management Area in Maine, Ironwood includes a 500-acre farm that gives teens a chance to work, learn and cooperate. Between farm work, academics and other activities, Ironwood provides a healthy environment for troubled teens combination to learn how to make healthier decisions for themselves.

Ironwood in Morrill, Maine Key Facts

School Name : Ironwood
Location : Morrill, Maine
Ages : 13-18
School Gender : Co-ed
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded :

Licensed Faculty at School

The clinical staff at Ironwood includes a doctor of psychology and seven licensed therapists. The academic staff includes four licensed teachers.

Student Activities Available

Typical weekday activities at Ironwood include morning exercises, morning chores, class, individual and group therapy and personal time. Other activities include equestrian lessons, dog training, art, music, pottery, cooking lessons, horticulture, hiking, and life skills workshops.

Map of School Location

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