Cherokee Creek Boys School

Cherokee Creek Boys School is a therapeutic boarding school located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The facility specializes in treating middle-school boys with ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, ODD and learning disabilities. The school stresses growth and development in academics and social skills through therapy sessions, both individual and group. The small teacher to student ratio helps boys make academic gains that they could not otherwise achieve in traditional schools. A blend of activities and academics along with professional staff and faculty make Cherokee Creek Boys School a safe and healing environment.

Cherokee Creek Boys School in Westminster, South Carolina Key Facts

School Name : Cherokee Creek Boys School
Location : Westminster, South Carolina
Ages : 11-15
School Gender : Boys
Support for ADD/ADHD Students : Yes
Year Founded :

Licensed Faculty at School

Cherokee Creek Boys School employs three full-time therapists each with a master’s degree in social work. The academic branch of the school includes two teachers, one with a master’s degree in education and the other with a bachelor’s degree in education.

Student Activities Available

Activities at Cherokee Creek Boys School are designed to build self esteem and help boys set and reach goals. Popular activities include guitar lessons, soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, foreign language clubs, martial arts and community service. Boys can also participate in camping, hiking, horseback riding, boating and even a weeklong wilderness trek that teaches survival skills.

Map of School Location

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