Wilderness Therapy Programs In Wisconsin


When your teen is dealing with physical and emotional problems that are putting his future at risk, you may need to turn to more professional help to get him the help he needs. Self-esteem, anxiety, abuse recovery, ADHD, depression and substance abuse can lead to problems that require the help of a professional. Wilderness therapy programs can effectively guide troubled teens toward developing successful strategies for coping and managing daily challenges. Finding the right program for your teen is an important part of effective treatment and Help Your Teen Now is a complimentary resource for concerned parents needing access to helpful and unbiased info so they can make the best decision for their teen and their family.

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Troubled Teens Are Able To Successfully Heal Through Wilderness Therapy In Wisconsin

Watching your teen make choices that you know are going to negatively impact her life is frustrating and frightening. A wilderness program in Wisconsin will give your teen an opportunity to take time away from the distractions and triggers of their regular life and work on their internal struggles in an environment that is healthy, inspiring and restorative. With the help of experienced and licensed therapists, teens are able to get to the bottom of what is leading to their bad behavior and learn to replace it with positive behavior.

Help Your Teen Now is dedicated to helping families like yours find the most effective solution for your family. You can be certain that our recommendation comes from a strict criteria of quality, success and safety. The guidance that we can provide at HYTN is a valuable resource for parents that simply want to give their teen the best chance for success.

Wisconsin Wilderness Therapy

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Northwest Passage Child and Adolescent Center

Wilderness Therapy Program

Genesee Lake School

Wilderness Therapy Program

New Vision Wilderness

Wilderness Therapy Program

Regulations for Teen Wilderness Therapy Programs in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families as well as the Department of Health Services are in charge of governing and issuing licenses for the resident programs for teens in the state. In addition to requiring a license and meeting the standards for health and safety as defined by the state, each employee in such programs is required to pass a criminal background check. The state also allows FBI checks as needed.

According to Wisconsin laws DHS 175.12, each camp must provide and maintain a water supply that is safe for consumption as well as adequate options for bathing and laundry (in non-primitive camps). DHS 175.13 requires that the sewage and plumbing systems at such camps must be adequate and meet state standards with a sufficient number of toilets to individuals. According to DHS 175.16, food preparation and service must provide adequate staffing trained and equipped with food handlers permits. Sleeping quarters must be compliant with safety standards for fire and emergency (DHS 175.21)


Wisconsin Statistics for Troubled Teenagers


Among the states, Wisconsin is 34th for suicide.




88% of youth in Wisconsin become high school graduates.



37% of Wisconsin teens admit smoking marijuana at least one time.



19 percent of teens in grades 9-12 abuse alcohol.



Up to 8% of adolescents in Wisconsin admit to prescription drug abuse.

HYTN Helps Guide Parents Toward The Best Outdoor Therapy Programs For Wisconsin Teens

Wilderness programs in Wisconsin vary when it comes to safety and accreditation and some specialize in specific conditions rather than just general help. It is important for parents to choose the best match for their teen’s needs and that is where we come in. HYTN is equipped to help you decide where to enroll your teen for the most effective and long term results. We have reviewed and researched the programs in your area to save you time in finding the best fit.

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