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If your teen’s behavioral problems have gone beyond your control, you may need additional help. Full time teen help programs, like wilderness therapy is a good way to remove your son or daughter from the triggers and challenges of their daily environment and immerse them in surroundings that are intended to help them discover how to interact positively and cope with their issues in a healthy way. Wilderness therapy programs combine healthy daily activities with a therapeutic approach to allow teens to take part in challenges and develop confidence that they would not be able to while they are at the mercy of the temptations in their home environment. The time your teen would spend working on personal introspection and interaction with peers and authority figures will prepare him/her to return home and live a happier life with greater perspective.

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What Can An Outdoor Therapy Program Do To Change Your Troubled Teen?

While many people mistake wilderness programs for a boot camp solution, they are actually very different. While a military style option is likely to use intimidation and deprivation to force change within teens, the results are very short lived and such programs can do more harm than good. Wilderness programs apply the benefits of the great outdoors to create personal challenges for each teen in a safe a supportive environment that allows them to explore teamwork, leadership, personal hang ups and self-confidence. As your teen discovers what he is capable of, he will be more equipped to develop a mentality that will allow him to return home and make better choices or will create the opportunity for further growth at a longer term facility.

Wilderness programs are generally around 2 to 4 months long and can be fitted into your teen’s summer schedule without cutting into the school year. If more intervention is needed once the program is complete, many therapeutic boarding schools and residential teen treatment centers have academic programs that can accommodate your child.

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Tennessee Wilderness Therapy

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Natchez Trace Youth Academy

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Cumberland Heights

Wilderness Therapy Program

Wilderness Therapy Programs Regulations for Tennessee

The Tennessee Department of Health governs all camps for teens and children within the state and both day and overnight camps need to apply for a license and meet specific state standards in order to operate. Staff members designated as having access to children must receive and pass a background check before employment can be approved. According to Tennessee Code 68-110-104, the current public health officer is directed and authorized to ensure that all organized camps meet the standards for health and safety, including, building codes, sanitation, food preparation, water quality and staff to child ratios.

According to Indiana laws regarding camps, 410 IAC 6-7.2-17 at least one adult present should be up to date on Red Cross Standard First Aid and medication will be dispensed by a qualified professional. Section 23 states that fire extinguishers must be available and buildings with more than ten occupants must have at least two exits. All buildings should be compliant with fire safety requirements. According to 327 IAC 8, programs must provide potable water for bathing, laundry, and drinking. Sanitary facilities should be a 1:15 ratio although showers and lavatories are not required in primitive camps.

Reference: http://law.justia.com/codes/tennessee/2010/title-68/chapter-110/68-110-102/


Tennessee Statistics


Tennessee ranks 24th out of all 50 states for suicide




Approximately 87% of teen graduate high school



38% of juveniles have tried marijuana at least once



20% of teenagers in Tennessee have experimented with alcohol before they are even teenagers.



6% of Tennessee adolescents admit they have used prescription drugs recreationally.

Find The Best Tennessee Outdoor Therapy Program For Troubled Teens

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