Wilderness Therapy Programs in Pennsylvania

Is your teenager making bad choices and jeopardizing their once-bright future? Are you at your wit’s end trying to figure out what to do or how to help? If your teenager is not finding success in life and is struggling with mental health issues, emotional problems and behavioral challenges, it may be time for you to consider wilderness therapy programs.

Help Your Teen Now is an excellent resource for parents like you that need guidance on what kind of program to choose. After all, you wouldn’t trust your teen to just anyone. Our resources help eliminate bad programs and point you toward the most successful ones.

For more details on the ways that Help Your Teen Now can assist you, please call us at 1-800-901-7374. We would love to help you find the solution to your troubled teen’s problems.

Identify the Best Wilderness Therapy Programs in Pennsylvania with Help Your Teen Now

Wilderness therapy programs in Pennsylvania are perfect for teens who struggle with ADD/ADHD, depression, substance abuse, bipolar, anxiety, abuse trauma, and a number of other mental health issues. These types of facilities can provide teens with professional counseling, as well as a way for them to step out of their normal life, get back in touch with their own inner strengths. Parents and teens who have been successful in programs report to us about their experiences. Besides testimonials, we collect all kinds of information on each program, from staff backgrounds to state requirements for operation. All this information helps Pennsylvania parents make the right choices.

Parents are surely capable of doing all this research, but time is of the essence and there are few reasons to delay getting your troubled teenager enrolled as soon as possible. After all, the longer you wait, the more risky behaviors your teen may be getting involved with. Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group that is dedicated to supplying parents from across the nation with the information they need to navigate the process of choosing a teen therapy program.

Wilderness Programs in Pennsylvania

School Name Category Ages

Bald Eagle Boys Camp

Boys  9-16


Co-ed  6-12

Vision Quest Academy/Standing Timbers

Boys  13-17

Wilderness Therapy Programs Laws in Pennsylvania

Permits from the Pennsylvania Department of Health are required to operate any type of residential camp in the state. According to Pennsylvania regulatory laws, any residential care facilities for teenagers are managed by the Adolescent Health Program under the Pennsylvania Bureau of Family Health. Criminal background checks are required for all personnel who will work or volunteer at the facility.

According to Chapter 10 of the Pennsylvania Code, organized camps and campgrounds have strict operating procedures concerning bathrooms, water supplies and garbage disposal. For example, all water must be “adequate in quantity” for each teen’s needs (19.4). Also, camps must provide separate toilet facilities for each sex (19.21) and specifies the number of toilets per person. (19.25a).

Because Pennsylvania laws and regulations for residential camps are somewhat relaxed, parents should always check for accreditation with national groups and carefully research each program.



Statistics on Troubled Teens in Pennsylvania and Across the Country

Pennsylvania graduation rate:


While better than many states, Pennsylvania only has an 85 percent high school graduation rate.


American teens that binge drink:


An astonishing 22 percent of US teenagers admit to taking more than 5 drinks in a short time, known as binge drinking.


US teens that have used marijuana:


Among American teens, 40 percent have tried marijuana at least once in their lives (37% of girls and 42% of boys).



American teens who drink before turning 13:


In the United States, nearly 20 percent of teens have consumed alcohol.



National ranking for suicide:


Pennsylvania ranks 31st in the United States for suicides.


Help Your Teen Now Points To The Best Wilderness Therapy Programs in Pennsylvania

The founder of Help Your Teen Now recognized that there were no real parent advocate programs that gave unbiased information to parents. Knowing that education helps eliminate fear and frustration, she started HYTN as a shared resource for all parents of troubled teens. Today, with thousands of parents and teens that have benefitted from our services, we ask that you consider contacting us to take advantage of all our hard work. After all, there are lots of programs out there that don’t have a good success rate and perhaps aren’t exactly what your teen needs. At Help Your Teen Now, we save you the heartache of making that kind of mistake.

Help Your Teen Now is staffed by people who know exactly what you are going through. When teens are struggling, it’s up to parents to provide that professional help they need and really motivate them to change from the inside out. Wilderness therapy programs are the perfect stepping stone for teens that simply need more than parental love to overcome their challenges. Let us help you get your Pennsylvania family back together, happy and healthy.

Please call Help Your Teen Now for information regarding wilderness therapy programs in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. We can be reached at 1-800-901-7347.

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