Wilderness Therapy Programs in Ohio

Wilderness therapy programs in Ohio are often a wonderful way for troubled teens to break free from the negative influences in their lives and receive therapy for any mental health or behavioral issues they may be facing. From ADD/ADHD and depression to substance abuse and anxiety, Ohio teens have a lot going on.

But how do parents find the right wilderness therapy program in Ohio for their troubled teenager? Help Your Teen Now is a free service for all parents of struggling teen boys and girls. We’re ready to assist parents in making the big decision to enroll their child in a residential therapy program.

Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate organization that provides free resources for parents. Call us today at 1-800-901-7374 for more information on how we can assist.

Help Your Teen Now Locates Top Wilderness Therapy Programs in Ohio

What is Help Your Teen Now? The organization was founded by a mother with a background in the teen help industry, and who also struggled with her teen children’s issues. As she searched for independent and unbiased resources, she quickly realized that those didn’t exist, and grew determined to provide them for other parents in the same boat. Today, Help Your Teen Now has assisted thousands of parents and teens in locating and researching the right wilderness programs for their needs.

Help Your Teen Now has extensive access to testimonials and references from people who have been through a particular program, plus background on staff members, any legal actions with a program and information on treatment styles and philosophies. Parents hear the pros and cons of each program, and they can trust the information because we aren’t affiliated with anyone. In other words, the information from Help Your Teen Now is completely unbiased and truthful. Parents who are feeling confused and overwhelmed can trust the wilderness therapy programs in Ohio that we recommend.

Wilderness Programs in Ohio

School Name Category Ages

Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp

Boys  9-15

PVM Camp

Co-ed  9-17

Laws Regarding Wilderness Therapy Programs in Ohio

The regulatory agency that monitors teen wilderness camps in Ohio is the Ohio Department of Health. A license is required for a resident camp in the state, and it’s required of all staff to participate in criminal background checks.

Ohio Administrative Code 371-25 outlines some of the wilderness program and camp requirements and clearly states that the local board of health can access camps at any time for inspections and investigations (3701-25-02). According to 3701-25-04, the camp’s operator is ultimately responsible for health, safety, registration and enforcement of established rules. Also, at least one responsible adult must be present at all times and report any abnormalities.

Hygiene is emphasized in 3701-25-06 and mandates that there should be 1 toilet for every 10 females and 1 toilet for every 10 males, and they must all be clean and sanitary and separated by sex. When it comes to sleeping quarters, all participants require clean bedding and adequate articles that include blankets, mattresses and more (3701-25-09). Program safety is covered in 3701-25-10 and includes adequate supervision around water and in potentially hazardous situations.


Troubled Teen Numbers in Ohio

Pennsylvania graduation rate:


Of all Ohio teens, only 82 percent actually graduate from high school.


Binge drinking in Ohio:


In the last 30 days, 24 percent of teens in the state admit to binge drinking (5 or more drinks in a short time).


Teens who try marijuana:


Among Ohio teens, 43 percent say they have tried marijuana at least once in their lives.



Teens who drank alcohol in the last month:


Within the past 30 days, nearly 38 percent of teenagers in Ohio admit to having a drink of alcohol.



National ranking for suicide:


In the nation, Ohio ranks 39th for suicide.


Nonmedical use of pain pills:


Approximately 8 percent of Ohio teens admit to abusing prescription medicine over the last year.


Using Help Your Teen Now to Find Top Wilderness Therapy Programs in Ohio

Wilderness programs can be restorative and healing for troubled teens, but only if they are well managed by experienced professionals who have a background in counseling, wilderness therapy and similar education. It’s a mistake to send a troubled teen off to a camp or program without researching, simply because it is close to home. Parents in Ohio who really want the best for their children should consult with Help Your Teen Now. We have more information and resources than any single person could gather quickly, and we are happy to share it for free.

Every teen deserves a chance at a happy and productive life, and there’s no time to delay. Please call Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7374 and see what we can do for you and your loved ones.

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