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Having to watch your teen slowly self-destruct can be painful and leave you feeling as though nothing is working. The issues that teens in Maryland face, like ADD, low self-esteem, depression, substance abuse and mental conditions. When parents need to look beyond their own abilities to help their teenagers get the intensive instruction that will help them move forward. such programs are skilled at helping troubled adolescents are taught how to cope through positive and healthy methods, but as each facility’s approach differs, it is up to you to find the solution that will best meet his needs. Help Your Teen Now is a free resource option for parents that need to have access to quality and unbiased information about the many teen help programs in Maryland and throughout the country.

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Teens Find Success In Wilderness Therapy Programs In Maryland, Thanks To Help Your Teen Now

Teens lose a lot of basic social, communication and social skills these days, which can exacerbate the issues already raised by behavioral and emotional problems. Placing your teen in a Wilderness therapy program in Maryland will give him the chance to take a step back from the triggers he is dealing with and learn how to manage his daily challenges in an acceptable way. The restorative and healing setting found in the great outdoors has effectively returned hundreds of teen to the basics of life where they can explore the root of their problems and challenge themselves to discover what they are capable of.

Help Your Teen Now is committed to helping parents in Maryland find the best match for their struggling teen. We are unaffiliated with any particular facility or program so you can be assured that the options we recommend based on a strong history of success and quality that we personally check out. We want you to feel confident in the choice you make.

Maryland Wilderness Therapy

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Regulations for Wilderness Therapy Programs

The governing body for full time camps in Maryland is the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene | Youth Camp Certification. Licensing is required for all camps and are certified by the Environmental Health and Community Services division. Background checks will be required for all employees of camps with teens and children and FBI background checks are also allowed when necessary.

According to the Maryland Certification for Youth Camps, each program is required to meet approved standards for sleeping facilities, garbage removal, pest control, toilet ratios and sanitation (COMAR Regulation requires consistent supervision during routine activities and the health program (COMAR decrees that there should be a minimum of 2 adults with CPR and First Aid certification present at all times. Medication will be handled by a designated supervisor.

Statistics for Maryland


Maryland is 46th in the national suicide rankings.




85% of high schoolers in Maryland graduate



Up to 37% of adolescents in Maryland state that they have at least tried marijuana.



At least 18% of Maryland teens have dried alcohol before they were even 13.



Among Maryland Teens, around 6% abuse prescription drugs illegally.

At Help Your Teen Now, We Are Here To Help You Find The Best Wilderness Therapy Program For Your At-Risk Teen

The therapy programs in Maryland are not all the same and our primary goal is to find the ones with the best reputation, history of success, safety reports and experience. Some camps focus on specific conditions and some present an overall treatment curriculum. Additionally, duration and cost are both factors parents must consider when looking for a program. We work with Maryland parents to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the most qualified choice.

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