Wilderness Therapy Programs In Georgia

When Georgia teens have troubles that they can’t overcome on their own, worried parents often sign them up for wilderness therapy programs. These specialized adolescent camps allow teens to get away from their current negative environment and spend time in the great outdoors. It’s true that wilderness therapy programs in Georgia are one of the best ways to halt a troubled teen’s reckless behavior and get some professional help. Help Your Teen Now is dedicated to helping parents find the best wilderness therapy programs for their teens.If you would like more information on how Help Your Teen Now is prepared to assist you, please talk with us at 1-800-901-7374 today.

Help Your Teen Now Matches Parents With Wilderness Therapy Programs in Georgia

Help Your Teen Now was originated by a woman who wanted to find a good program for her own troubled teen. When she couldn’t find any kind of unbiased all-in-one resource, she decided to create her own. Today, Help Your Teen Now has helped hundreds of parents find the right teen help program for their children. It’s a parent-centered advocate group that isn’t affiliated with any school, facility or program. This means our advice and guidance is completely unbiased.

Help Your Teen Now is full of resources for parents who don’t have much experience in the teen therapy industry. With program profiles, staff credentials, plus testimonials from parents and their teenagers that have been through the program, we have lots of information on hundreds of different facilities, including wilderness therapy programs in Georgia. Our free service is open to any parents of troubled teens who are feeling overwhelmed and confused at their options for residential treatments.

Wilderness Programs in Georgia

School Name Category Ages

Second Nature Blue Ridge Wilderness Program

Co-ed  13-17

Ridge Creek Wilderness Program

co-ed  13-17

Camp Rock

co-ed  8-17

Regulations for Wilderness Therapy Programs in Georgia

All wilderness camps for teens in the state are managed by the Georgia Department of Human Services. A current license is required to operate a resident camp. Any outdoor camp must have a food service permit issued by the Georgia Department of Health. All staff members at any outdoor teen or child program must have a background criminal history check done.

The official rules for wilderness programs are found in the Georgia Code Annotated 290-2-7. Under the law, the program administrator must have a college degree in the field, and several years of experience (7). All staff members must be trained in CPR and first aid (22). Punishments such as withholding food or water, denying sleep or verbal or physical abuse are strictly forbidden (290-2-7-.09C). There are also strict rules about how primitive campsites should be managed (53).


Statistics for Georgia Troubled Teens

High school Graduates:


Just 63 percent of all Georgia teenagers graduate from high school.


Teens that drink alcohol:


Within the last 30 days, 35% of Georgia teens admit to drinking alcohol at least once.


Teens who try marijuana:


Of Georgia teens, 38% have tried marijuana at least once.


Nonmedical use of pain pills:


Georgia teens who abuse prescription drugs is as high as 6%.


National suicide ranking:


Nationally, Georgia ranks 38th in suicides.


How Help Your Teen Now Matches Parents With Wilderness Therapy Programs in Georgia

Wilderness therapy programs can be the breakthrough that troubled teens need to put their life of trouble behind them and step into a mindset where they can achieve whatever they can dream of. With professional counseling, caring mentors, gifted guides and positive peer pressure, wilderness therapy camps can have an impact that not even parents can deliver.

For Georgia parents that want to find the best residential program for their teens, they should contact Help Your Teen Now. We are an outstanding resource for parents who simply don’t know how to move forward. It would be a mistake to enroll a child in a residential program that wasn’t a good match for their specific needs. Now, with Help Your Teen Now, parents can make informed choices.

Please contact Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7374 and get the information you need to line up wilderness therapy camps in Georgia.

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