Wilderness Therapy Programs In California

How do California parents of troubled teens locate a teen wilderness program that will meet their child’s mental health needs? When teenage girls and boys in California can no longer thrive in their traditional school, and their home life is tense and negative, there may only be one option for parents just like you. However, if you want to find the right wilderness therapy programs in California and other nearby states, you have to do some research to eliminate the bad and identify the good.

Help Your Teen Now is one of the best parent resources out there, because we are dedicated to helping parents navigate the complex waters of the teen help industry. Rather than start from the beginning in your search, we provide you with years of resources, research and experience in everything from wilderness camps to therapeutic boarding schools.

When you are ready to find a wilderness therapy program in California, please contact Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

How Can Help Your Teen Now Assist Parents in Finding a Wilderness Program?

Help Your Teen Now is a non-profit program started by a mother who had troubled teens of her own. She quickly realized that the search for the right wilderness therapy program was overwhelming and confusing, especially because she knew her child needed help quickly. She founded Help Your Teen Now with others who had experience in the teen help industry, to provide a free, fast resource for parents who needed guidance and counseling on what to do and where to turn.

Today, Help Your Teen Now is a highly recommended resource for parents in California and across the country who seek information on residential treatment centers, therapy schools, boarding schools, military schools, wilderness camps and boot camps. We are not affiliated or partnered with any schools, programs, facilities or centers, so the information we give to parents like you is completely unbiased. Help Your Teen Now can be your best guide to finding the right place for your troubled teen.

Wilderness Therapy Programs in California

School Name Category Ages

Blue Fire Wilderness Therapy

Co-ed  11-17

Camp Recovery Center

Co-ed  13-17

Wilderness Youth Project

Co-ed  11-17


Co-ed  11-18

Blue Mountain Wilderness

 Boys  13-17

California Regulatory Laws for Youth Wilderness Programs

All facilities that provide 24-hour care must be licensed through the Department of Health Care Services if they provide residential non-medical services. Services that include group therapy sessions, individual counseling sessions, treatment planning and more are included. All programs are subject to local permits, fees and municipal clearances as required. The Department of Health Care Services in California also awards certifications for teen programs that exceed the minimum levels of care and service, and are found to comply with all state program standards.


Like many other states, All private program workers in schools with children and teens must pass a criminal history background checks before they can be employed, according to the Calif. Educ. Code §44237(a), (b), (c).


Statistics for Troubled Teens in California

California children between 4-17 diagnosed with ADD/ADHD:



Number of juvenile arrests in one year for property crime:



California’s annual high school graduation rate:



Number of juvenile arrests in one year for violent crime:



California suicide rank nationwide:



Help Your Teen Now Aides California Parents of Troubled Teens in Finding the Top Wilderness Therapy Programs in the State

If you want to make the most informed decision on what wilderness therapy program you want to enroll your troubled teen son or daughter in, consult with us at Help Your Teen Now. We’ll be beside you the whole way when it comes to identifying your child’s real needs, and looking into a program’s treatment philosophy, cost, track record and more. Not all programs are created equal, and we have taken the time to talk with directors, teachers, therapists, parents and former participants to compile extensive resources on which ones to look at more closely and which ones to avoid.

Watching your teenager take a path that could really jeopardize his or her future is very difficult for parents. However, making the decision to place your teen in a completely new environment, away from home, is a different kind of challenge. No parent should have to take this journey of heavy responsibility alone, and Help Your Teen Now is ready to assist you today.

For details on wilderness therapy programs in California and elsewhere in the country, we encourage you to call Help Your Teen Now at this phone number: 1-800-901-7347.

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