Wilderness Therapy Programs In Alabama


Many of the issues teens in Alabama and throughout the country face, like bullying, poor self-esteem, substance abuse, anxiety, depression and abuse recovery may lead to habits and a lifestyle that requires professional help. If you have done everything you can to help your troubled teen and haven’t seen results, a wilderness therapy program can be an effective way to help him turn his life around. These programs are statistically very successful for helping adolescents explore the reasons they are acting out and guiding them toward positive coping strategies. Finding the correct program for your troubled teen is essential and we are a free and reliable resource site that helps you sift through the available options in Alabama and settle on the best solution for your family.

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Teens Can Successfully Turn Their Lives Around With Wilderness Therapy

Parenting a troubled teen can be both frustrating and painful, especially when they seem unwilling or unable to make the changes they need to pull themselves out of harm’s way. A wilderness program in Alabama can be one of the best ways to help your son or daughter take time from the lifestyle choices they are making and discover what they need to do to become healthier and happier. Qualified and licensed therapists are on hand to help your teen work on her inner issues and practice teamwork, communication and a more positive outlook in surroundings that are beautiful and inspiring. As your teen participates in challenging activities, he can discover what he is really capable of a return home with heathy and fulfilling confidence. Away from the distractions, electronics and triggers that have been keeping your teen from improving, he can focus on himself and what is important.

Help Your Teen Now is an ideal resource for worried parents that are ready to take a proactive approach to helping their child and wants to ensure that they choose a program that is safe, experienced and effective. Because we aren’t program or school affiliated, you can know that our endorsements and information are free of bias.

Alabama Wilderness Programs For Troubled Teens

School Name
School Style

Wingate Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy Program

Second Nature

Wilderness Therapy Program

Alabama Wilderness Therapy Regulations

The Alabama State Board of Health – Bureau of Environmental Services – Division of Food, Milk and Lodging is the governing body that oversees the outdoor therapy programs within the state and a license is required for operation. A background check is not required by law for the staff in these programs, but many provide them anyway as a reassurance for parents.

According to Alabama Board of Health rules, 420-3-21-.02 all resident camps must provide enough potable water to supply the camp and its inhabitants. In addition, sewage and liquid waste must be disposed of properly and clean water provided for handwashing and bathing purposes. The law further states that all permanent structures must meet the state requirements for fire safety, ventilation and exits in case of an emergency.


Alabama Statistics


Alabama is 24th in the nation for suicide.




80% of Alabama teens graduate from high school.



38% of adolescents in Alabama admit to trying marijuana.



In Alabama, 24% of high school age kids abuse alcohol.



7.5% of Alabama teens report non-medical use of prescription drugs.

Parents Can Find The Most Effective Teen Help Programs In Alabama Through HYTN

While there are a variety of wilderness therapy programs available, some of them may not be up to your standards of experience and safety. We can give you what you need to find the top solutions for your teen’s needs by ranking potential programs by treatment style, success rate, cost and duration. Sending your teen away for help is difficult enough without putting him into the wrong hands in the bargain. Let us give you the assistance you need to match your teen to the solution that works best for all of you.

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