Residential Treatment Center For Teen Girls

Most teenage girls have a challenging time when it comes to puberty. It is stressful, full of changing responsibilities and hormonally-driven changes, so many parents try to be patient as their daughters act out in attempt to come to grips with their changing circumstances. However, some girls struggle more than what is normal, troubled beyond their parents’ ability to handle. For these troubled girls, whom regular therapy and attempts at structure were not enough, there are residential treatment centers.

Residential treatment centers for girls are similar to therapeutic boarding schools but more intensive in their treatment. Troubled teen girls are boarded at the residential treatment centers, where they will follow daily schedules which include academics, therapy, exercise, and personal development. Through this focused treatment, the following conditions can be treated:

  • Defiant behavior
  • Addictive patterns
  • Substance abuse
  • Communication issues
  • Violent behavior
  • Depression/suicidal tendencies
  • Disordered eating patterns
  • Anxiety
  • Other mental health issues

Find Help When Choosing A Residential Treatment Center For Your Troubled Teenage Daughter

Once parents decide that their daughter needs residential treatment, many parents instinctively want to find a residential treatment center near their home. While this is a natural urge, it may not be the right course of action for your troubled girl. There may be treatment centers in your state, but there are also good options located around the United States as seen below.

Residential treatment programs can vary in what they offer and will operate under different regulations depending on the state they are located in. However, when conducting an online search for residential treatment centers for troubled girls, parents are bombarded with options. This can be difficult to sort through the many options and make sure you are choosing the right residential treatment center for your daughter.

There are organizations which help parents find the right course of treatment for their troubled teens. Some of these agencies can cost upwards of $5,000 for their help. Here at Help Your Teen Now, we provide our services for free. We are an advocacy group with our main focus being the restoration of your family.

When Residential Treatment Is Right For Your Teenage Girl

Choosing to send their teenage daughters away for residential treatment can be a hard decision for families to make. But when regular therapy and other intervention methods aren’t helping your troubled girl improve, then a residential treatment center may be what she needs to turn her life around. Some treatments which parents’ attempted before sending their troubled girls to residential treatment centers are:

  • Inpatient treatment – While inpatient treatment can be effective in the short-term, to help your troubled daughter continue to progress, she will likely need further treatment to address the root causes of her problems.
  • Regular therapy appointments – If your daughter is resistant to regular therapy or is being too affected by her environment outside of her therapy appointments, she may need more intensive therapeutic care.
  • Alternative school – Many school districts have alternative schools for teens who are unable to act appropriately with the rest of their peers. However, if your troubled teen is suspended or expelled from an alternative school, it can be a sign that your daughter needs more help.
  • Therapeutic boarding school – Similar to residential treatment centers, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls more often deal with troubled girls who are dealing with mood disorders. Troubled girls who are violent or act out definitely may need the higher level of care provided at residential treatment.
  • Juvenile boot camp – These camps are short-term solutions which generally have no actual therapeutic component. This can cause your daughter to quickly backslide into bad habits once she returns home.

Residential Treatment Can Affect Lasting Changes In Troubled Girls

While there are many troubled teen programs available to work with your daughter, residential treatment can be one of the most effective ways to create lasting changes in your troubled girl. If she has been struggling for years without improvement no matter what you’ve done to help her, it may be time to consider how a residential treatment center will help your teenage girl.

We are very selective with the placement recommendations we give to parents. Based on our strict standards, we have nailed down what the best residential treatment centers for troubled girls do for girls in their therapeutic programs.

Therapy – The first emphasis of a residential treatment center is therapy. With a staff of several therapists and generally at least one psychiatrist, residential treatment center develops a personalized plan for your troubled daughter’s therapeutic course. The plan will be implemented into her daily schedule with the rest of the residents at the treatment center. As a stay at a residential treatment center is usually 6 months or more, your daughter will be able to have the time to make lasting changes.

Academics – Along with regular therapy, your daughter will also have her academic placement assessed. Many of the troubled girls arriving at residential treatment centers have had difficulties in school and need extra help to catch up to their peers. State-licensed teachers are employed to teach your daughter as well as tutors. Residential treatment centers have certified educational programs which will allow your daughter’s educational credits to transfer back into mainstream schooling. Should she stay in the residential treatment center until graduation, she will receive a high school diploma and not a G.E.D.

Daily life – Your daughter will live in a more family-style facility, as residential treatment tries to provide a more home-like atmosphere. She will likely share a room with a few girls and learn to share space and time with the other residents. Daily exercise is an important part of the schedule as it allows the girls to strengthen their bodies, release excess energy, and channel their feelings appropriately.

Risks Faced By Troubled Girls Who Lack Intervention

Even knowing when aware of the help a residential treatment center can provide for your troubled girl, it can be tempting to not intervene in her life. Many people underestimate the damage which can be done by a troubled girl, as they are not typically physically violent. However, this does not mean their struggles will not have far-reaching effects. The whole family and more can be drawn in when troubled teenage girls are not helped by a residential treatment center. Some of the risks faced by troubled girls and those around them are:

  • Sexual activity – Many girls use sexual favors as a way to obtain what they want. Other use it to boost their self-esteem. This can lead to dangerous situations, STIs, and possibly pregnancy.
  • Criminal actions – Petty thieving is common among troubled girls. However, criminal actions tend to escalate as the troubled girl feels more and more out-of-control.
  • Self-harm/suicide – Turning the destruction inward is very common among teenage girls and self-harm can slowly spiral into suicide.
  • Progressive addictions – Without concrete help to move beyond the addiction, most teen girls find it nearly impossible to break an addiction.
  • Running away – As teen girls feel trapped by their poor decisions, many run away in an attempt to flee consequences and parental restrictions.

Receive Help In Dealing With Your Troubled Teenage Daughter

There are many resources available for parents struggling with their troubled teenage daughter, both online and in-person. If you are looking for help knowing what to do with your troubled girl, contact us. We will talk to you about what your daughter is struggling with and make several recommendations for treatment.


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