Affordable Therapeutic Boarding Schools

If you are convinced that your troubled teen would benefit from a therapeutic boarding school, the one thing that may be holding you back is your worries about how much a specialized program may cost. Don’t let your fear of an outrageous tuition hold you back from researching therapeutic boarding schools that may help your child. At Help Your Teen Now, we understand that cost is an issue in getting your teen the professional help they need. That’s why we have compiled a list of affordable therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. We’re also an excellent resource for locating financial aid, grants and more to help offset the cost.

All too often, financial concerns stop parents from seriously looking at long-term professional programs. Don’t let this be your situation, because Help Your Teen Now can help you locate affordable boarding schools. Here is a list of affordable programs that are worth looking at:

<list of schools coming soon>

If you are wondering how it is possible to afford to send your teen to a therapeutic boarding school on your limited budget that is both affordable and effective, here are 7 things to know:

  1. There are affordable boarding schools located all across the country so you aren’t limited to a particular area, state or region.
  2. Many therapeutic boarding schools have multiple cost options when it comes to tuition, with the lower cost programs available for households that are on a limited income.
  3. Many facilities have scholarship programs as well as grants available for certain students who meet the qualifications.
  4. Many programs operate under a sliding tuition scale where the cost is based on your family’s income, so the more you earn, the more it costs.
  5. There are several different types of financial resources available such as loans and other options worth exploring.
  6. Some of the cost may be covered by health insurance.
  7. There are a range of other options that may help with affordability, depending on your unique situation, such as college funds, home equity loans, public funds, tax breaks and more.

The boarding school’s financial aid counselor can help you explore all these options and more. They are experts at making sure that parents can come up with a workable plan to get their child help without facing financial crisis.

You might be wondering whether a more affordable therapeutic boarding school will translate into a lesser quality education or worse treatment, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many affordable programs set a lower tuition yet still offer amazing programs, education and treatment. Rest assured that a more affordable tuition doesn’t jeopardize your teen’s treatment or education.

Help Your Teen Now has years of experience in making the right match between a troubled teen and family with the best therapeutic boarding school, including taking cost into consideration. We know you would do everything in your power to help your troubled teen get the help they need, but the tuition can be a big obstacle. Help Your Teen Now has lots of resources ready to share with you on affordable therapeutic boarding schools so you can locate the best one, both for for your teen’s needs and your financial needs.

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