1. Teens with severe ADHD need more help than what parents can provide.

Teens with ADHD are more likely to also have oppositional defiance disorder, learning disabilities, anxiety and depression, making it difficult for them to thrive in a traditional school environment. ADHD boarding schools work with teens to effectively manage symptoms and exert a level of control over their personal challenges. Help Your Teen Now is ready to assist parents of ADHD teens in choosing the right boarding school program.

2. Some ADHD boarding schools are better than others.

Just as each child is unique, so are ADHD boarding schools. With a range of therapeutic programs to choose from, plus factors such as location, cost, faculty and even extracurricular activities, it’s easy to get confused about which program is best for your teen. With Help Your Teen Now, you’ll find a parent advocate group who is willing to work with you in evaluating different programs and learning how to separate the good from the bad.

3. It’s hard to find a quality ADHD boarding school.

So many different ADHD boarding schools over promise and under deliver—how are parents supposed to find a quality ADHD boarding school that is truly effective? Some websites simply list schools because they are paid to, while others have a personal interest in the programs they endorse. At Help Your Teen Now, we aren’t affiliated with any school, so you can feel confident that when we recommend a program, it is based on pure research and experience.

4. Don’t forget to check references and referrals.

The most accurate information about an ADHD boarding school comes from the parents and teens that have gone through the program. However, getting in touch with people across the country with that specific experience is extremely difficult. With the resources at Help Your Teen Now, you can access a range of testimonials and references about the boarding schools and programs you are interested in.

5. Why you should trust Help Your Teen Now.

It probably feels like nobody understands the pain, frustration and sadness you are experiencing now as you watch your ADHD teen make choices that aren’t in his or her best interest. At Help Your Teen Now, we know exactly what you are going through and we want to help. We’re dedicated to providing the resources that parents need to make tough decisions on behalf of their struggling children in order to create a better future. Rely on Help Your Teen Now to be the source of information you desperately need at this difficult moment.

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