Christian Boarding Schools for Girls


Do you have a teenage daughter who acts out, defies authority, skips school, and has questionable friends?  Have you read the books, seen a therapist, and treated any possible problems like depression or ADHD to no avail?  Are you worried she might be flirting with substance abuse?

Even families with devout Christian values can have troubled teenagers.  No family situation, social status, or religious affiliation makes your daughter immune to the challenges faced by her peers.  If you have tried other methods but continue to struggle with a defiant, troubled daughter, a Christian boarding school for girls might offer a solution.

As someone who takes their faith seriously as an integral part of their life, you might be pleased to know that along with a traditional education like your daughter might receive now, a Christian boarding school program treats the whole person, spiritually as well as intellectually.  So while your daughter learns what she needs to learn, her faith and desire to please God (and you) can be drastically improved.  And that can mean permanent success.

At a Christ-centered boarding school, your daughter will benefit from the following:

Teaching.  Secular schools are required to exclude or discount religious perspectives in the classroom.  However, in a Christian boarding school, religion will be part of your daughter’s academic study.  Subjects like history, science, and even mathematics are taught with God’s purpose, order, and doctrine in mind.  Most of all, at a Christian boarding school, your daughter can learn to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior and Redeemer, helping her change her life and become a follower of Christ.

Rules.  The rules of a regular boarding school are made according to local and federal laws, safety, and order.  This of course isn’t a bad thing, but in a Christian school, the rules and limitations on behavior are set with an eye to God’s standards of morality, kindness, and virtue.

Circle of influence.  Like a public school, a secular boarding school will not screen teachers and students for their personal belief system, ideas of morality, or religious background.  Your daughter may be surrounded by peers and teachers whose beliefs and objectives differ vastly from yours.   A Christian boarding school will ensure that each teacher is committed to God’s will and Christian values, and that students come from good Christian families with similar beliefs.

If you have looked at other options and tried outpatient or family therapy without lasting results, consider this :  A teenage daughter’s willingness to change is paramount, and that willingness can rise and fall with the influence of her peers.  Often, removing the girl from a sphere of negative influence into a safe, accepting, Christian-based environment is the best thing you can do for her.

If you take your beliefs seriously and would like your daughter to get the help she needs with a Christ-centered focus, consider looking for a Christian-based boarding school in your area.


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