12 Mistakes of Modern-day Parenting

Every day is a battle in the life of a parent – either you’re stressed about bills, work, or your relationships. There is a constant need to recharge your batteries so you can keep fighting through the hard parts and make it all work. We can’t figure out how to reduce your hours at work […]

Life Before And After Bullying – Infographic – What Causes It And The Future Impact

The issues caused by bullying have always been a threat to the well-being of teenagers and children on both sides. In the infographic below, we’ve concluded that the events leading up to a teen becoming a bully is just as important to understand as the issues caused afterwards. Bullying impacts both the victim and the […]

Understanding The Reality Of Your Boy’s Depression

Sometimes it is hard to think of the boys as susceptible to depression. However depression amongst teenage boys is almost on par with teenage girls. As parents we need to do a better job of letting our boys know that it is okay to have feelings and express feelings. In fact it is called emotional […]

Creating Structures For Teens With Behavioral Disorders – Infographic

Helping Teens With Behavioral Disorders Teens have a lot going on in their lives and are constantly looking for ways to express themselves. During these teenage years is the perfect time for parents to help their teens by creating structure within their lives. Liahona Academy has put together a great resource by explaining why its […]

How Parents Can Help Their Teenagers Be Successful

It’s not easy to raise a teenager. Fitting in, developing romantic interests and choosing colleges are just a fraction of the challenges you’ll navigate with your teen – statistics tell us that drug and alcohol use, depression, behavioral disorders and violence are increasingly common amongst high school students. So how can you set up your teen for […]

Oppositional Defiant Disorder – Infographic

Helping Teens With Oppositional Defiant Disorder Some parents just cannot get their kids to listen or obey basic rules. For many teens this is a common attitude but if there you feel that it is overwhelming and beyond normal teen behaviors then your teen may have oppositional defiant disorder. Liahona Academy put together a great […]

Reactive Attachment Disorder Infographic

Reactive Attachment Disorder is common with children that may have not developed a positive relationship with their caregiver. Children that have Reactive Attachment Disorder often times struggle with it leading into their teen years. Liahona Academy put together a great infographic on Reactive Attachment Disorder. If you have a troubled teen boy, look into their […]

Teen Internet Addiction Infographic

Everyone today has to be on the internet often but we see teens that use the internet to the point of addiction. There are a lot of problems that can be caused by internet addiction in teens and as parents you need to know the signs. Helping teens that are depenent on their mobile phone […]

Seeing through the Vapor, E-Cigarettes – Infographic

With a growing threat of new innovations in the drug industry, teens are in great danger when they begin messing around with new trends like Vaping. With little evidence about the long term effects of Vaping it can be a huge threat to the health of developing teens. It is widely proven that the negative […]

Bullying Prevention Month 2014 – Infographic

Liahona Academy put together a great infographic on the bullying campaigns this month. Join the fight and take a stand against bullying! Join the fight against bullying, spread the word and get involved! www.liahonaacademy.com.

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