Christian Boarding Schools for Boys

Even devout Christian families can have struggles with their teen.  Unfortunately, your religious devotion doesn’t necessarily mean your son will adhere to your standards of behavior, or follow in your footsteps.  Perhaps you are here because you have already tried different parenting styles, counseling or outpatient therapy without success.

If your teenage son continues to be defiant, has trouble in school, hangs with the wrong crowd, or is experimenting with drugs or alcohol, a Christian boarding school may be the answer.  Christian boarding schools are different from traditional programs in that, while they do offer real-world education and tailored in-patient therapy, they also tend to the spiritual needs of each boy.  The integration of Christ-centered counseling and education can help get your son back on the right track, in terms of his behavior and his faith.

If you are wondering whether a secular or Christian-based boarding school is best for your son, here are a few basic differences to consider when making your decision.

1. Overall purpose.  In either type of school, boys will attend classes with similar subjects and objectives to a regular public or private school.  However, in a Christian boarding school, religion will not be kept out of the classroom, but integrated into each area of study to varying degrees.  This means that the study of science, history, literature and more will be carried out from a Christian perspective, including Biblical events and creationism.  The highest purpose served by the school is to teach your son to allow Jesus Christ into his life to be his Savior, and to strive to follow Him

2. Rules.  The rules of conduct in a traditional boarding school program are established and enforced according to federal and local law, as well as the school’s philosophy of what constitutes proper behavior.  In a Christian school, all rules are determined and enforced to be in keeping with God’s Word and to His moral standards.

3. Teachers and peers.  In a secular boarding school, boys will be exposed to the influences and viewpoints of varying types of students and instructors.  They may come from other religious backgrounds or none at all, or could have different ideas of morality and purpose.  In a Christian school, each teacher is committed to Christianity and its teachings, and each student comes from a Christian upbringing, with parents who support those values.

Often, even a boy who wants to change will have a difficult time doing so until they are removed from certain peers or influences.  This is one of the main reasons why many outpatient therapy programs are unsuccessful.  Taking your son out of the environment that is negatively influencing his behavior is often the best way to get results.  Away from poor influences and the social stigma of “being good,” most teens will better respond to treatment and counseling.

If you would like your son’s treatment to come with a Christ-centered perspective, and are concerned about building his faith and desire to do good even after he leaves the school, you should consider looking for a Christian-based boarding school in your desired location.

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