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We, like many other sites out there will automatically collect and store certain
information from your visit. This information helps us to decipher if our site is a
valuable resource and what pages are most informative and helpful to you. We
gauge that in a few different ways.

1- Your IP Address, or Internet protocol address. This is the number that is
automatically assigned to your computer when you access the web.
2- The date and time you arrived at our site
3- The website that brought you to our site- such as search engines or paid ad
4- The name and version of your computers operating system.
5- The domain from which you are accessing our site (for example-,
if you are connecting from a yahoo online account)
6- Which pages you visited and how long you spent on each page. This helps us
to determine what areas are the best resources so that we may improve the
quality of our site.

As a resource site, there are opportunities for you to give us your personal
information. If you choose to do so, we will receive only the information that you
choose to include in that submission. will not disclose, sell, donate, transfer or give information
about our visitors. We will only use the information with the intent to assist and
help you find the best program for your child. In the situation that we pass along
your information, it will only be used to help you with solutions that you directly
inquired about.

Email correspondence may also be used in this manner but is not always a secure
transmission. If you have any concerns or are worried about the privacy, a secure
fax line has also been set up and information may be sent to 801-618-4298.

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