Celebrating Thanksgiving With Teens At A Therapeutic Boarding School

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If your teen is going to be still attending a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens or you are considering sending your teen away before the holidays begin, it may be tough to know how to celebrate Thanksgiving.

As your parental advocate and expert on troubled teen programs, we parents here at Help Your Teen Now want to tell you how teens at therapeutic boarding schools spend Thanksgiving and how your family can still observe this all-American holiday..

Ways Thanksgiving Is Celebrated At Therapeutic Boarding Schools

As with any other school, troubled teens are given time to celebrate the holidays, though with more structure offered than at other private or public schools. While not every school chooses to celebrate the same way, there are some common activities that the schools engage in over Thanksgiving.

  • Community service – Many troubled teens struggle with selfishness, compassion, and empathy for others, so community service plays a large role in many programs. Often, time is set aside to serve others on Thanksgiving, to remind the teens what they have to be thankful for this year.
  • Thanksgiving dinner – It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a hearty feast! At some therapeutic boarding schools, teens taking culinary arts may be allowed to help prepare for the festive meal, experiencing firsthand the effort their families have put in for years.
  • Gratitude activities – As school won’t be in session over the Thanksgiving holiday, other activities will take place. Some schools focus on helping teens develop greater amounts of gratitude by doing different activities such as reading, reflective writing, and group-led discussions.
  • Family visits – Families are welcome to schedule visits all throughout the year, including on Thanksgiving. If your family has the ability, many schools will welcome the addition to their celebration.

How Your Family Can Enjoy Thanksgiving With A Teen Away

You can request for your teen come home for the holiday. However, this course of action is often not recommended, as it can undo the positive progress your teenager has been making while away.
So, if your family cannot visit or does not want to disrupt your teen’s time at the program, there are ways to still include your troubled teenager in the family Thanksgiving celebration.

  • Send Thanksgiving gifts to your teen. Some therapeutic schools have strict rules regarding what can be sent, so be sure to consult with your teen’s program advisors to see what is appropriate.
  • Schedule a Thanksgiving phone call. Often, once a teen has reached a level of progress, they will be encouraged to call home once a week. This contact reinforces good progress.

Choose The Right School For Your Teen

If you aren’t sure which therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens is the right environment for your teen, contact us. We have helped countless families reconnect, from finding the right program to assisting with the teen’s transition back home. We offer our services completely for free because we believe that families are the foundation of our society and should be protected.

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