10 Ways To Afford Your Teen’s Residential Treatment Center

Choosing to send your son or daughter to a residential treatment center for troubled teens is not an easy financial decision to make. To help you determine how you can afford to send your teen to a residential treatment center, we have 11 different options you can pursue. 1. Talk To A Troubled Teen Program […]

Recognizing Signs of Smoking and Tobacco Use In Our Teens

If your child is one of the nearly 5 million middle and high school students who are teenage tobacco users, it’s time to intervene to stop this health-harming habit. First, you need to find out if nicotine has found its way into your troubled teen’s routine, whether they’re smoking cigarettes, vaping or using chewing tobacco. […]

Learning To Balance Our Youth’s Use Of Social Media

Social media can be a serious source of trouble for teens. Teens have been caught bullying each other on social media, been rejected from prestigious colleges due to what they posted, and other devastating circumstances which can turn a successful child into a troubled teen. To help your child avoid some of these pitfalls, it […]

The Scientific Breakdown of Teenage Meditation Practice: Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety & Addiction

Teenagers today suffer from more anxiety and emotional disorders than ever before. The increase of expectations on studies, responsibility, and pressure to “grow-up” instead of being allowed to stay young has taken its toll on our youth. Social media, texting, and other forms of communication over the internet encourage non-personal communication, distancing youths from relationships […]

What Is All The Screen Time Doing To Our Children

Technology is everywhere! While it is a wonderful thing, there comes a point when it becomes too much. Since the dominance of technology is still so new, the effects of screen time have not been thoroughly studied. However, it does not take an in-depth study for some of the effects of extended screen time to […]

Boys Must Learn Different Ways To Handle Their Behavioral Issues

Boys are just different. That is not a negative or derogatory statement. It is a fact, boys are physiologically and chemically hard-wired to learn differently than girls. For teens without behavioral issues, these differences can be easily accounted for at home and in the classroom. However, should the boy move to the troubled teen arena […]

When It’s Not Best To Send Your Troubled Teen To Boot Camp

You know that your troubled teen needs some serious help, and as you search for options, you stumble across the phrase “teen boot camp.” The idea might seem attractive and the strict discipline and structured routine cause you to start investigating further. Even so, you are hesitating before you make that final decision to actually […]

What Your Teen Will Think When You Send Them To A Boarding School For Troubled Teens

  If you are wondering what your teen will think when you send them to a boarding school for troubled teens, you might be pleasantly surprised. In the past, the initial impression of a boarding school was admittedly less than stellar, such as cliques with mean kids or those who snuck around spooky buildings. It’s […]

7 Ways Raising Teen Boys Can Be Worse Then Teen Girls

Parenting is hard. However boys can be an extra challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the fun and serious ways that parenting boys can be tougher than parenting girls.  From birth, boys are interested movement. As they grow that tendency never goes away. Whether you have one son or 12 you know you […]

Understanding The Reality Of Your Boy’s Depression

Sometimes it is hard to think of the boys as susceptible to depression. However depression amongst teenage boys is almost on par with teenage girls. As parents we need to do a better job of letting our boys know that it is okay to have feelings and express feelings. In fact it is called emotional […]

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