Benefits of Therapeutic and Alternative Boarding Schools in Florida

There’s no doubt that therapeutic boarding schools and alternative schools have some of the highest success rates in the teen help industry. Parents who want to get help for their troubled teens may be considering a short-term program like a 2-month wilderness camp, but that isn’t enough time to really benefit from intense therapy, and it doesn’t really address academic issues either. The long-term benefits of therapeutic and alternative boarding schools in Florida are well worth it.

Here are just a few factors in the success of these specialized teen help schools:

  • Teens are removed from their current environment that is full of bad friends, destructive habits and frustrated adults.
  • Close supervision and regular schedules bring stability to the chaos of a troubled teen’s life.
  • It’s a good opportunity for teens to start over, reinvent themselves and strip away pressures that exist in their current life.
  • Licensed and experienced therapists have individual and group sessions with each teen to get to the root of their emotional, behavioral or mental health problems.
  • Supportive and positive mentors, both adult and older teens, use positive peer pressure to encourage troubled teens to make changes.
  • The family-style atmosphere that most teens live in, such as group homes or dorms, provides opportunities for shared responsibility in chores and cooking.
  • Academic support is strong, with licensed teachers working in small classrooms, plus the ability for students to earn a high school diploma.
  • Recreational therapy is usually a big part of an alternative or therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens, and they get the chance to do extracurricular activities like drama, music and sports. Other activities may depend on the location and program, but could include boating, fishing, camping, horseback riding, biking, and much more.

Alternative and therapeutic boarding schools in Florida, or anywhere in the country, are not all the same, so it’s important for parents to do their due diligence and perform the research needed to separate the best from the rest. Rather than start form the beginning and do the research yourself, let Help Your Teen Now share years of research and get you up to speed quickly.

What Teens Without Help From Florida Boarding Schools May Face

There’s no doubt that troubled teens who don’t get professional help from therapists can continue on the downward spiral of pain and anger, resulting in risky behavior that can have some serious consequences. When Flordia teenagers engage in behavior that can lead to suspension from school, trouble with the police and even cause harm to themselves or others, there is no time to lose.

Here are some of the more common behaviors that Florida teens may get involved in if they don’t receive help from professionals like at a therapeutic boarding school:

No parent wants to see their teenage son or daughter get into trouble that they can’t get out of without serious consequences. The good thing about a therapeutic or alternative boarding school in Florida is that the teens are supervised and kept busy so that there is little time or opportunity for really bad behavior. Help Your Teen Now wants all troubled teens to heal and find a bright new path toward a promising future. We’re ready to help parents intervene before their child becomes a sad statistic.

Use Resources From Help Your Teen Now To Find the Best Florida Boarding Schools

Help Your Teen Now is a resource agency/parent advocacy group that is designed to help you, as parents, get the information you need to make the most informed decision possible about placing your teen in an alternative or therapeutic boarding school. Our free services, including advice about groups and facilities and even paperwork, will guide you every step of the way and make sure that you only spend time researching the information that is specific to your unique situation. Our expert volunteers and staff have helped hundreds of families just like yours find solutions that can help you put your lives back together.

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