How Parents Can Understand the Lessons Their Teens Learn While Away from Home in a Residential Treatment Program

How Parents Can Understand the Lessons Their Teens Learn While Away from Home in a Residential Treatment Program

Parents worry about continuing the lessons their teen learns while away at a residential treatment program. They have spent their hard earned money on the program, and they’ve had to endure not having their teen with them for months. The last thing they want to do is have their son or daughter revert to old habits when they get home because learned lessons weren’t enforced.

How to Understand and Reinforce the Lessons

The best way for parents to understand and reinforce the lessons taught at a residential treatment program is by involving themselves in the parent-teen activities offered by the residential treatment center. Many centers offer group therapy via phone and video chat, so that parents and teenagers can remain connected while away. It’s also a good time to speak to the counselor about the lessons learned throughout the week.

Teens are busy when they are at a therapeutic boarding school, so parents should take notes as they hear of the different activities the teenagers are involved in each day. Asking questions to learn about the different tasks performed can help parents come up with similar activities when teens return home.

Parents can benefit greatly from visitor’s day. This is the chance to learn about the lessons learned up that point, and really get a sense of what is being done in the program. It’s also a good time to speak to staff to ask about the struggles, triumphs and find out what has worked and what hasn’t, so what’s effective can be replicated at home.

At the end of most therapeutic boarding school programs, there is an aftercare plan created to keep students on track when they return home. This plan should be reviewed and followed by both the teen and parents for as long as possible.

It Takes a Family to Help a Troubled Teen

It can be hard for parents to accept and face that their teen is away at a residential treatment center. Many parents try to remain in denial and ignore what is going on while teens are away. This can lead to parents not understanding how to pick up where the residential treatment program staff left off, which could end up mitigating the results.

Take some time and work with the program while you’re teen is in it for long lasting results. The residential treatment center isn’t just for your teenager, it’s for you too. Dealing with a troubled teen is a family problem, so everyone needs to work hard to ensure he or she gets back on path to a successful future.

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