Boarding Schools in Utah Modify Behaviors of Drug-Abusing Teens


Alcohol, the substance most commonly abused by teens, presents a serious health risk. According the Office of Adolescent Health, nearly 40 percent of all high school seniors admitted some alcohol consumption while almost 20 percent confessed to daily binge drinking over the past 14 days. The prevalence of marijuana and tobacco use among teens causes further concern. Illegal drug use, including the abuse of unlawful drugs and misusing prescription medications or household substances, also runs rampant through the teen community. If your teen has problems with alcohol and drug abuse, Utah has promising news that might help you with a solution.

Addressing Drug Addiction at a Utah Boarding School

Several Utah therapeutic boarding schools are having positive outcomes when dealing with teens with substance abuse and behavioral problems. Far from your typical boarding schools filled with elite students, these schools use treatment programs to help struggling teens – those who are not advancing academically or emotionally in their present circumstances. The therapeutic boarding schools focus on servicing students that struggle with serious life issues that are impeding normal, healthy development. They support a safe living environment where these teens can thrive. The teens learn necessary skills such as:

  • set goals
  • resist peer pressure
  • improve decision-making abilities and
  • work on communication skills

Focus on Academic Learning

Many therapeutic boarding schools offer excellent academic programs that are tailored to meet individual academic needs as well as provide extra activities to enrich classroom learning. In addition to academics, teens receive individual, group and sometimes family therapy to address addictive behavior, trauma, and other emotional/social issues. The programs encourage trust and respect while emphasizing self-worth and healthy ways of dealing with feelings. All students receive individualized medical and mental health care by professionals using cutting-edge practices and the most up-to-date models of therapy. They focus on building trusting relationships where teens can open their hearts to the potential of change. Working through emotional and behavioral challenges in therapy helps teens learn to take responsibility for their decisions and gives them the confidence they need to make healthy choices. Because the levels of treatment and intervention vary greatly in therapeutic boarding schools, use wisdom and research the programs available to see which school might be the best fit for your teen.

A Holistic Approach Benefits Adolescents

Therapeutic boarding schools offer the unique opportunity for students to learn and apply social skills by working side-by-side with staff and other residents on a regular basis. Students get real life practice solving daily living issues within a safe environment. All residents are encouraged to hold one another accountable. They learn community, relationship building and how to care for each other. They also have the opportunity to work with mentors who are consistently modeling responsibility, honesty, diligence and respect. The holistic method of integrating academic, emotional, and social learning with top therapists, leading educational consultants and qualified teachers in a beautiful Utah setting makes a positive impact on the lives of many teens and their families.

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