A Little TLC In The Kitchen Can Make A Difference For A Troublesome Boy

Difference For A Troublesome BoyIf you have a troubled teen, you may have tried everything you can think of to help him turn his life around and find a style of healing that resonates with him. While options like talk therapy usually get top billing when looking into treatment for behavioral issues, there are also other types that can supplement the more traditional solutions. One of these possibilities is culinary therapy. While cooking is a fun hobby for many, the process of it has actual therapeutic advantages for teens dealing with issues like anger, defiance, depression, substance abuse or mental disorders.

  • Cooking is a sensory activity – Baking, cooking and learning the use of kitchen equipment all result in a meaningful outcome. Teens are encouraged to be completely hands-on during the process, including kneading dough, cutting cookies and decorating with frosting. The experience of smelling, feeling, tasting and experimenting with a wide range of food encourages experimentation, confidence and a positive feeling of control while they develop a new skill.
  • Cooking and communication – The culinary process helps teens open up more when it comes to healthy communication. Busy hands and a less direct approach allow them to more quickly reach a level of bonding with their assisting therapist than they might have in a more traditional talk therapy setting. An experienced therapist knows how to lead the conversation so that the baking process fuels the overall goal.
  • Cooking is task oriented – Cooking and baking allow teens to practice organization and the process of following pre-determined steps in order to create a positive outcome. Reading a recipe, gathering the ingredients and following the directions not only gives teens practice in following a strategy from point A to point B, but also offers them a tangible reward in addition to the confidence and pride in their new skill.

Sundance Canyon Academy Offers Culinary Therapy For Troubled Boys

Sundance Canyon Academy is a residential treatment center located in northern Utah. We specialize in guiding troubled teen boys through a uniquely designed program that includes culinary therapy among several other modalities. We have developed a relationship based program that encourages each teen to seek out and work on the root of his issues, rather than simply controlling the symptoms as many other behavioral modification programs do.

We have helped hundreds of troubled boys throughout the country and we are confident that we can help you as well. Please contact us for a consultation, or questions about our program 1-866-678-2425.

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