10 Points That Make Staying At A Residential Treatment Center Worth Your Teens Time

10 Points That Make Staying At A Residential Treatment Center Worth Your Teens Time

Parents of teens who are struggling with severe emotional or behavioral problems know well that their teen’s risky behavior can become dangerous both to themselves and others.

If your teenage son or daughter is battling issues such as anxiety, addiction, depression, eating and mood disorders among others, you might be wondering whether sending them to a residential treatment center might be the right thing to do.

Is A Residential Treatment Center The Right Choice For My Teen?

Residential treatment centers are specifically designed to help troubled teens change their behavior to become responsible and productive people.

Here are 10 ways your teen will benefit from their stay at one of these facilities.

  1. Residential treatment centers offer intensive behavior management and therapy programs so your teen’s treatment can progress rapidly in a safe and structured environment.
  2. These treatment centers are staffed with qualified professionals including psychiatrists, counselors and therapists to give your teen the right guidance, support and care they need to form healthy behavior patterns.
  3. Your teen will be in a safe and secure environment that protects them from the destructive behaviors they previously engaged in. This kind of environment is great for fostering positive growth and development.
  4. Since most residential treatment centers have few teenagers at a time, the staff have a smaller caseload to deal with. Your teen will therefore benefit from individualized treatment specifically tailored for his situation.
  5. A residential program requires that your teen stays away from home for an extended period. This change of environment helps to break unhealthy patterns and habits and allows the teen to replace them with healthier ones.
  6. Residential treatment centers normally offer recreational therapy activities such as sports, arts and crafts or music as part of their program. These activities enable your teen to explore new hobbies and improve her self-esteem and confidence.
  7. Your son or daughter will be in the company of peers who are also recovering from the same issues. Sharing their triumphs and setbacks while encouraging each other helps to hasten their recovery.
  8. Following on the point above, interacting with other teenagers encourages your teen to foster positive peer relationships and instills a sense of community. Some residential treatment centers encourage this by including group therapy as part of their program.
  9. Residential programs often blend academics with other activities so your teen can still improve their academic performance while receiving appropriate care in a secure environment.
  10. Some residential treatment centers encourage family counseling as part of the healing process. This way your teen won’t feel isolated from you and will still enjoy your love and support.

The decision to take your teen to a residential treatment center should not be taken lightly. Please contact Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347 and let us help you find the right facility for your teen.

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