Wilderness Therapy Programs In Virginia

There are plenty of issues that Virginia teenagers face, like depression, ADD, bipolar, low self-esteem, anxiety, substance abuse, recovery from abuse, and more. When parents have done all they can, but it isn’t enough, many turn to wilderness therapy programs in Virginia for additional healing help. These programs are very effective for guiding teens past their problems and into a more successful coping strategy for life’s challenges. The problem comes from finding a program in the first place, and making sure it is the right one for the teen. Help Your Teen Now is a free parent resource that provides information on a number of teen help programs in Virginia and across the country.

For additional information on how the organization of Help Your Teen Now can guide parents in finding the best therapy school or residential facility for teens, please call 1-800-901-7374.

Teens Find Success In Wilderness Therapy Programs In Virginia, Thanks To Help Your Teen Now

It’s a frustrating thing to be a parent and watch a teenager make life choices that are problematic, harmful and sometimes even illegal. Participating in a wilderness therapy program in Virginia gives teens a chance to step back from their lives and identify what it is that is causing their risky behavior. With licensed therapists guiding them, teens can get in touch with their inner struggles and work on ways to overcome them. Plus, being out in nature, the restorative and inspiring setting will help eliminate distractions and get them to focus on what is really important.

Help Your Teen Now is ready and waiting to help Virginia parents find the best programs. There’s no bias in the guidance that HYTN provides, because there’s no school or program affiliation. That way, parents can trust the information and resources they get from Help Your Teen Now, and feel good about their decision for which school to choose. No parent should have to start this difficult process alone, and HYTN can be an understading guide for your first steps.

Virginia Wilderness Therapy Programs

School Name Category Ages

Discovery School of Virginia

Co-ed  11-19

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing

co-ed  14-17

Abundant Life Academy

co-ed  13-17

Regulations for Teen Wilderness Therapy Programs in Virginia

Every overnight camp for children and teens in the state of Virginia is governed by the Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Environmental Health Services. Resident camps throughout the state require a license to operate, and must meet the state standards for operating regulations. Of course, all staff members at wilderness therapy programs in Virginia are required to have a criminal background check performed.

According to the Code of Virginia Title 35.1-16 regarding camps, each program must meet approved sanitary preparation and protection of food, proper toilet and bathing facilities and adequate sanitation. According to 22 VAC 40-185, primitive camps must have adequate supplies for hand washing and all toilets must be located outside of 75 feet from camp activities. According to 22 VAC 40-185-410, physical punishment is forbidden, as is withholding food, water or rest. There should also be no fewer than 2 staff members supervising any activity, as noted in 22 VAC 40-185-460.



Virginia Statistics for Troubled Teenagers

High school graduation:


Around 84 percent of teenagers in Virginia ever graduate from high school.


Alcohol before age 13:


18 percent of teenagers in VA tried alcohol before their 13th birthday.


Marijuana use:


32 percent of Virginia teens have smoked marijuana at least once.


Prescription drug abuse:


When it comes to prescription drug abuse, 7 percent of Virginia teens admit to it.


National suicide ranking:


Out of all the states, Virginia ranks 37th for suicides.


Help Your Teen Now Guides Parents To The Best Wilderness Therapy Programs in Virginia

Not all wilderness therapy programs in Virginia are alike, and some have an excellent reputation and success rate while others may struggle more. Some specialize in treating certain conditions, while others are more general. Costs, duration, treatment philosophies and more can all vary between wilderness programs. Parents shouldn’t make the mistake of enrolling their troubled teen in a program that ultimately isn’t a great match. That’s where Help Your Teen Now can assist. By working with Virginia parents on reviewing and researching the wilderness programs, HYTN can match parents and teens to the best fit.

To get a head start on finding the right wilderness therapy program in Virginia for struggling teenagers, please call Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7374 for more information.

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