Wilderness Therapy Programs In Utah

When Utah teenagers are careening out of control and their behavior is becoming harmful and destructive, Utah parents often wonder what they can do to help. Many parents look to wilderness therapy programs in Utah to provide the structure and counseling that troubled teens need. Rather than stand by helplessly as your teen suffers, you can take the first step in locating a teen help program. One of the best resources out there for Utah parents of troubled teens is Help Your Teen Now.

A free service, Help Your Teen Now is a program that is dedicated to helping parents locate the top teen help programs in their state and across the country. When it comes to finding a wilderness therapy program, parents can get overwhelmed and confused about all the different choices. At Help Your Teen Now, we assist parents in identifying the best programs for their child’s needs. Finding a wilderness therapy program in Utah is easier when Help Your Teen Now is guiding you.

Give us a call at 1-800-901-7347 and Help Your Teen Now representatives will be happy to assist you in locating the best program and giving your troubled teen some real guidance.

Help Your Teen Now Can Help You Find a Wilderness Program

Help Your Teen Now was started by a mother of a troubled teen who realized that parents didn’t have any resources when it came to finding, screening and researching teen help programs like therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy, boot camps and military schools. She wanted to make sure that during these difficult times, parents had support and guidance in making one of the biggest decisions in their teen’s life.

Today, Help Your Teen Now has helped thousands of teens and families get on the path to recovery. No matter what emotional, mental health or behavior issues a teenager is dealing with, Help Your Teen Now can work with you to reduce worry and boost confidence that healing and help is on the way. There’s no bias in our recommendations because Help Your Teen Now is not affiliated with any school or program.

Wilderness Therapy Programs in the State of Utah

School Name Category Ages

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions

Co-ed  13-17

Journey Wilderneess

Co-ed  18-28

Aspiro Adventure

Co-ed  13-17

Second Nature

Co-ed  11-17

RedCliff Ascent

 Co-ed  13-17

Utah Regulatory Laws for Youth Wilderness Programs

According to state code R501-8-1, all youth outdoor programs must be licensed by the Department of Human Services. All outdoor wilderness programs must have some kind of educational component as outlined by the state education board (according to state code R501-8-4(4). Also, according to state code R501-8-4, any instances of suspected or proven child abuse will face harsh punishments and license revocation.

Teens cannot be deprived of any equipment as a punishment, and should always have essentials available like sunscreen, insect repellent, and camping gear. Also, staff are required to keep a detailed log of all events surrounding the teen, from medicine intake to progress reports, according to state code R501-8-5.

According to state code R501-8-6, directors of Utah wilderness therapy programs should have at least a bachelor’s degree and training in a related field, possess 2 years of outdoor youth program experience and more. Similar staff training and background for different positions are outlined in the provision.

All wilderness therapy camps in Utah must have at least 2 supervisors at all times, and there must be one female and one male if the teens are mixed sex. The size of the camp must not be greater than 16 people, according to state code R501-8-7. All teens must have access to at least 6 quarts of drinking water per day, and more if they are hiking. Food menus are strictly regulated and must include fresh fruits and vegetables, and this is all according to state code R501-8-11.

According to state code R501-8-23, if there is even one violation of any safety or wellness rule, the wilderness therapy program will have its license revoked.


Help Your Teen Now Can Help Parents of Troubled Teens Find the Best Wilderness Therapy Program In Utah

Help Your Teen Now provides you with help, given by other parents who have experienced the same journey with our own troubled teens. We screen all the different wilderness therapy programs in Utah very carefully and we will only recommend those that meet our high standards. You will make the final decision of where to send your teenager, but we will arm you with plenty of information so you can feel good about what’s going to happen.

Our free telephone consultation is the first step toward helping your troubled teenager and we’re happy to guide you, answer questions and supply resources whenever you need it. Use our experience and resources to make your family whole again.

For more information on the finest and most successful wilderness therapy programs in Utah, please call Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7347.

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