Wilderness Therapy Programs In Texas

Keeping your teenager safe from harm can be difficult if he or she is struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. Many Texas parents choose wilderness therapy programs for their teens as a way to get professional help on a regular basis while a place at a long-term residential treatment center. Wilderness therapy programs in Texas range from effective to successful to questionable.

Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate establishment that is free to all users. Parents who know that their teen needs something more than living at home and jeopardizing their futures are able to review different wilderness programs and find one that is best for their child. Help Your Teen Now is full of resources for parents in Texas and elsewhere in the United States.

Call Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7374 and get information about wilderness therapy programs in Texas that can get your teen out of trouble and turn over a new leaf in life.

Wilderness Therapy Programs in Texas Can Be Found With Help Your Teen Now

When one woman realized that there were no free resources for parents with troubled teens, she decided to do something about it. Help Your Teen Now was born out of her frustration and worry about her troubled children. We are an organization of advocates for parents that is dedicated to collecting in-depth information about various teen help programs, from therapeutic boarding schools to wilderness camps and more. We’ve already assisted thousands of desperate parents and troubled teens in making the right choices for their residential treatment programs.

Help Your Teen Now is not aligned with any school or program, so our information and our recommendations are unbiased. When parents learn that we are an independent source of valuable information, with no hidden agenda, they can trust the recommendations we provide. HYTN is with you every step of the way, when you are ready to start the process of finding a resident therapy program for your troubled teen boy or girl.

Wilderness Programs in Texas

School Name Category Ages

Lone Star Expeditions

Co-ed  13-17

White River Academy

Boys  12-17

Texas Regulatory Laws on Teen Wilderness Therapy Programs

When youth camps want to operate in Texas, they are subject to the rules and regulations as enforced by the Texas Department of State Health Services. All resident camps must have an operating license. Sec. 141.009 states that the executive commissioner of the camp must set strict health and safety standards for youth camps that include proper safeguards for sanitation, adequate medical supplies, sufficient water supply, and plenty of food. (Texas Health and Safety Code, Title 2… Chapter 141/Youth Camps)

Rule 265.14 of the Texas Administrative Code states that the supervisor to teen ratio at camp must be 1 to 10 and they should always be within sight or hearing of every camper. All staff members must have an annual criminal background check, according to Rule 265.12. More details on youth camp management and safety can be found in the Texas Youth Camp Safety and Health Act.



Numbers on Texas Troubled Teens

Texas high school graduation rate:



Teens that have used inhalants to get high:



Teens that have smoked marijuana at least once:



Teens that have had alcohol in the last 30 days:



National ranking for suicide:



 Teens who drank before age 13:



Help Your Teen Now Guides Parents To Wilderness Therapy Programs in Texas

Reputable teen help programs can be invaluable in guiding Texas teenagers away from risky behavior and bad friends by giving them a whole new surrounding where they can benefit from trained professionals who are skilled at reaching even the most stubborn teen. Wilderness programs are quite effective at engaging teenagers in their own healing process, and when combined with therapy, provides teens with a unique place to work on their own personal challenges. Help Your Teen Now is standing by to assist Texas parents like you in finding that perfect program.

Researching all the different programs in all the different states can be very overwhelming, so why not utilize the resources and research offered for free by HYTN? Our extensive information archive is full of reliable information on success rates, state laws for licensing, testimonials and referrals from other parents and teens, costs, treatment philosophies and much more. Our experienced representatives have lots of experience working with worried parents, and can quickly point them to the programs and facilities that best match their needs.

Give our services a try and see what we can do for you and your struggling teenager when it comes to wilderness therapy programs in Texas and beyond. Feel free to call 1-800-901-7347 today.

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