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Behavioral issues in teens can lead to consequences that can be lifelong if not managed correctly. If none of your efforts to help your child have resulted in changes, a teen help facility may be your next step. Many parents turn to wilderness programs as a way to give their troubled teens the help they need on a level that caters to their needs and the way that they learn best. Programs like these are ideal in that they combine therapy with the great outdoors and experience that challenge them and allow them to discover the many positive things they are capable of. With the help of qualified counselors and therapists, your teen will be able to explore the core of his issues and make changes from the inside out. Help Your Teen Now, a resource site that gives families the support and information they need to make the best decision for their troubled child’s care is free and reliable. We can help you explore the solutions in South Carolina and across the country.

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Teens Can Successfully Make Changes Through An Outdoor Therapy Program

Teens don’t have the wisdom that comes from experience like their parents often do and watching them make choices that could lead to permanent consequences is frightening. Wilderness therapy camps give parents a unique option to help their teen and offers participants an opportunity to get in touch with their own issues, far from the distractions of daily life and social situations. In simple, beautiful and inspiring surroundings, adolescents can be guided away from the risky behavior they are participating in toward coping methods that are positive and long term. We know that you are looking for long term solutions, rather than a quick fix and wilderness therapy can offer your child the skills and tools he needs to function in an emotionally healthy way, now and throughout his life.

We can help South Carolina parents find the information they need to make a choice that is informed and backed by legitimate research. We are able to remain unbiased because we are not associated with any particular group. We are dedicated to making sure that the information we provide is based on experience and quality.

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Regulations for South Carolina Teen Wilderness Therapy Programs

In South Carolina, the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, the Department of Health and Environmental Control and the Department of Social Services are in charge of licensing and regulating the requirements for overnight camps for children and teens. Background criminal checks are required for each staff member in order to help ensure the safety of each camp participant.

Special needs recreation camp licensing states that each facility must meet fire safety standards prior to operation and must be updated each year 104-01-DD. In addition, each program must follow the guidelines for food preparation and safety as designated by the DHEC Regulation 61-25. According to South Carolina Code of Laws, 63-13-110, staff must be properly licensed and currently trained in First Aid and CPR.


Alabama Statistics


South Carolina is 23rd in the country for youth suicide.




Only 77% of teens become high school graduates.



44% of adolescents in South Carolina have used marijuana.



24% of SC teens have abused alcohol before turning 13.



When it comes to non-medical use of prescription drugs, 6% of teens admit to experimenting.

Help Your Teen Now Can Help You Find The Finest Teen Help Options In South Carolina

Not every wilderness therapy program is going to have the same standards or level of quality and we are here to help you weed through your options to find the most effective ones. Whether cost, duration, specialization or treatment style tops your list of requirements, we can offer you the resources you need to ensure that you are making the best match for your teen. Let us do the bulk of the researching and reviewing, so you can focus on your family.

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