Wilderness Therapy Programs In North Carolina

Who doesn’t want to help their troubled teenager with their emotional, mental health or behavior problems? While North Carolina parents may want to take action right away, sometimes they are just overwhelmed with what to do, exactly. Choose a therapeutic boarding school on the West Coast? Attend military school in another state? Find a wilderness therapy programs in North Carolina? There are many options, and it would take a long time to research them all. Fortunately, Help Your Teen Now is where parents of troubled teenage boys and girls can turn.

For additional details on how Help Your Teen Now can assist you in locating top quality wilderness therapy programs in North Carolina, please try calling 1-800-901-7374.

Why Does Help Your Teen Now Aid Parents Looking For Wilderness Therapy Programs in North Carolina?

When parents don’t know where to turn for help regarding their troubled teenager, they can make the mistake of waiting too long to take any action. The longer the wait, the more trouble, pain, and danger that teenager will endure. Help Your Teen Now is designed for parents who need assistance right away in finding a wilderness program in North Carolina that will be just right for their child. As a parent help group that is focused on aiding families in need, Help Your Teen Now wants to arm North Carolina parents with information.

Our founder understands what it is like to be a parent of a troubled teen. She had been searching for an unbiased resource group to provide unbiased information on schools, camps, programs and centers for teens but couldn’t find one. Not long after, she created her own and Help Your Teen Now was born. Today, we have assisted hundreds of worried North Carolina parents with how to find the best programs for their teenagers. It’s never too late to contact us and get the help you need in researching wilderness therapy camps in North Carolina.

Wilderness Programs in North Carolina

School Name Category Ages

SUWS of the Carolinas

Co-ed  10-17

Trails Carolina

co-ed  10-17

Four Circles Outdoor Recovery

co-ed  18-28

Laws and Regulations for Wilderness Therapy Programs in North Carolina

Managed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, wilderness therapy camps in North Carolina are under strict regulations to keep teens safe and healthy. As with most states, criminal background checks are required for all staff members at wilderness camps. According to 15A NCAC 18A .3600, health inspectors must do an unannounced visit to the site to evaluate it for health code standards. In addition, all water supplies must comply with 15A NCAC 18A.1700.

Elsewhere in the state regulations, it requires campers to have clean linens and clothes, plus it is mandatory to have toilet and handwashing facilities at 1 per 20 people (15A NCAC 18A .3615). There must also be hot and cold water at a resident camp. According to 15A NCAC 18A .3619, even primitive camping conditions must maintain sanitation standards for food temperature, drinking water, cleaning and sleeping.


Troubled Numbers for North Carolina Teens

High school graduation:


Of North Carolina teens, only 82 percent graduate from high school.


Teens and alcohol:


In the past month, 18% of teenage boys and girls in North Carolina have had alcohol.


Teens who smoke marijuana:


Of North Carolina teens, 43% have smoked marijuana once in their lives.


Prescription drug abuse:


Abusing prescription drugs is 7 percent among NC teenagers.


National suicide ranking:


Of all the states, North Carolina ranks 35th in the number of suicides each year.


Finding Wilderness Therapy Programs in North Carolina With Help Your Teen Now

It’s difficult to imagine sending your teenager to live out in the wilderness, and indeed, not all therapy programs hold to the same high standards. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable allowing your teen to participate in a wilderness therapy program in North Carolina that you had thoroughly researched? If you want to gain peace of mind and learn everything you can about wilderness programs, you need the extensive resources we offer.

We’ve collected information on hundreds of teen help programs across the country, from therapeutic boarding schools to military schools to wilderness therapy programs. There are also testimonials from families who have been through each program, as well as school histories, evaluations and more. Help Your Teen Now is full of people who will work with you to get the information you need to enroll your teen son or daughter in a wilderness therapy program in North Carolina that focuses on healing and health.

To receive more information on Help Your Teen Now, please call us at 1-800-901-7374. We would be overjoyed to work with you on finding a resident treatment program for your teen.

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