Wilderness Therapy Programs in New York

New York parents who are looking for residential treatment programs for their struggling teenagers are faced with the daunting task of doing research to located the best match. With an overwhelming number of teen help programs out there, many parents quickly get frustrated with their efforts.

Even those parents who feel comfortable with one of the wilderness therapy programs in New York may not trust the information they are finding online. Help Your Teen Now, a group that advocates for parents, has extensive resources on hundreds of teen therapy programs from across the country, including wilderness therapy programs in New York.

Please contact Help Your Teen Now at 1-800-901-7374 and learn how we can help you do your research on the various teen help facilities and programs throughout New York and across the country.

Help Your Teen Now Aids Parents in Finding Wilderness Programs

There are so many issues that teenagers face today that can quickly become obstacles to their progress. ADD/ADHD, depression, bipolar, abuse trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, eating disorders, adoption and abandonment issues and much more are difficult to overcome without the help of experienced professionals. The impact of a residential treatment-style program like a wilderness therapy program can be enormous on a teen that is making bad choices, engaging in risky behavior and failing in school. Finding the right program is not easy, but parents can rely on Help Your Teen Now.

Founded by a woman with extensive experience in the teen help industry, Help Your Teen Now is entirely unaffiliated with any school, facility or program. Our goal is to provide unbiased reports, assessments, testimonials and research that separate the outstanding programs from the average and sub-par programs. Many parents feel comfortable with the information we provide because they know we can be trusted. Help Your Teen Now has assisted hundreds of families in locating the right programs, including wilderness therapy programs in New York.

Wilderness Programs in New York

School Name Category Ages

Hawk Circle Wilderness Education

Co-ed  9-17

Adirondack Leadership Expedition

Co-ed  13-17

Camp Ramapo

Co-ed  6-16

Regulatory Laws for Wilderness Therapy Programs in New York

All residential camps in New York State are managed by the New York State Department of Health and require a license in order to operate. The county health department where the camp is located must also issue a permit for it to legally operate. State law also requires all staff to have criminal background checks.

According to the Health Code of New York State, all residential camps must have a health director and a plan that is approved by the state’s health department. On-site supervision must include a ratio of at least 1 counselor to 10 teens, and for wilderness camps, it is considered a specialized activity, which requires additional staff (Section 7-2.11 of the SSC).



Statistics for New York’s Troubled Teenagers

Texas high school graduation rate:


In New York, only 76 percent of teens graduate from their high school.


Teens that have had alcohol in the last 30 days:


In New York, 38 percent of teenagers have consumed alcohol in the last month (38% males, 40% females).


Teens having taken pain relievers for nonmedical reasons is:


With New York teens, approximately 5 percent have tried cocaine at least once



Teens having used inhalants to get high at least once: 10%


The percentage of New York teens that use inhalants (like glue, aerosol or paint) to get high equals around 10 percent.


National ranking for suicide:


New York places 50th in the country for suicides.


Teens that drank before age 13:


Nearly 19 percent of New York Teens have had alcohol before turning 13 years old.


Parents Benefit From Help Your Teen Now’s Recommendations for Wilderness Therapy Program in New York

There are plenty of benefits in locating the right wilderness therapy program in New York or beyond for troubled teens. Parents who don’t know where to begin in their search should turn to Help Your Teen now. We are comprised of parents and teen help industry experts who know just what parents of troubled teens are experiencing. Not only can we help parents locate great programs, but we can provide additional support and resources regarding the entire experience.

Teens with emotional or mental health issues will find a new desire within themselves to do better when they attend a good wilderness program with licensed and qualified staff members. Few parents want to see their teen continue in that awful downward spiral of negative experiences, bad behavior and broken dreams. Help Your Teen Now stands above the rest and is ideal for parents of troubled teens from New York to get the guidance and resource material they need to make some tough, but ultimately beneficial, decisions.

Call 1-800-901-7347 today to receive more information on how Help Your Teen Now works and how we assist parents from across the country in finding the best teen therapy programs.


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