Wilderness Therapy Programs In New Jersey

New Jersey parents may feel the incredible burden of finding professional help for their wayward teens. With so many residential program options to choose from, how does a parent find the right one? Many parents are discovering that wilderness therapy programs in New Jersey are quite effective in getting their teenagers to start working on their emotional, behavioral and mental health problems. Help Your Teen Now is a valuable resource for questioning parents when it comes to locating and researching residential treatment locations like wilderness therapy programs in New Jersey.

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Wilderness Therapy Programs in New Jersey Screened Through Help Your Teen Now

At HYTN, we have resources for many teen help programs throughout the state and the country. We’ve gathered a lot of information about individual programs, the good and the bad, and offer them to seeking parents like you that just want to locate a great wilderness therapy program in New Jersey or elsewhere in the country. Hundreds of families with troubled teens have used our resources to locate the ideal therapy programs and they have definitely benefitted from doing the research beforehand.

After all, Help Your Teen Now was started by a mom that needed unbiased information about residential therapy programs and really didn’t find what she needed. When she started HYTN, she wanted to make sure that parents had an unbiased source of information. Because we don’t represent any programs, we can really help you analyze what you are looking at in a facility and provide completely honest reviews. Help Your Teen Now can save you weeks of researching on your own, and provide you with information you really can’t get anywhere else.

New Jersey Wilderness Therapy Programs

No New Jersey wilderness therapy programs

Laws Regarding Wilderness Therapy Programs in New Jersey

There are strict laws that regulate wilderness programs in New Jersey, and the governing body to oversee such programs is the Department of Health and Senior Services, specifically the New Jersey Consumer, Environmental and Occupational Health Service. Licenses are required for resident camps in New Jersey, and all staff must be subject to a complete background check and criminal investigation. The standards for residential camps can be located in the New Jersey Annotated Code 8:25. According to 8:25-3.1, the program director is required to have a written policy for the care of participants that include discipline standards, activities, staff training and provisions.

When it comes to food and water, each camp director must ensure that preparation definitely complies with N.J.A.C. 8:24 that set up sufficient quantities of food and clean water. The N.J.A.C. regulations also outline the staff to participant ratio, which is 1 adult to every 14 teens. Any high risk activities must be conducted by a qualified specialist (8:25n).


Statistics on New Jersey Troubled Teens

High school graduation:


In New Jersey, 87 percent of teens complete high school.


Alcohol and teens:


Within the past thirty days, 43 percent of NJ teens have consumed alcohol.


Marijuana use:


Among New Jersey teens, 37 percent have tried marijuana.


Prescription drug abuse:


5 percent of teens in New Jersey inappropriately use prescription drugs.


National suicide ranking:


New Jersey ranks 48th in suicides out of each state.


Choosing a Wilderness Therapy Program in New Jersey Using Help Your Teen Now Resources

There are far too many teen help programs out there to believe that they are all adhering to the highest state and national standards. Not every program has your teen’s best interests in mind and some simply struggle to reach any kind of success. Don’t make the mistake of sending your troubled teenager to anything less than the best wilderness therapy programs in New Jersey. Help Your Teen Now is ready to assist you in providing the resources you must make an informed decision. We know how much you want to help your struggling teen boy or girl and we’re looking forward to being the first step in that healing process.

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