Wilderness Therapy Programs In Michigan

What parent wouldn’t have the desire to assist their struggling teenager with his or her mental health issues? Untreated mental health issues, like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and more, can lead to bad behavior. Michigan parents with teens that are out of control can feel frustrated and worried about what action they should take. Wilderness therapy programs in Michigan have helped lots of troubled teens, but many parents don’t know which one to choose. Help Your Teen Now has resources so that no parent has to make a decision like this buy guessing.

Help Your Teen Now can provide you with lots of resources on wilderness therapy programs in Michigan when you call 1-800-901-7374.

Finding Wilderness Therapy Programs in Michigan With Help Your Teen Now

When moms and dads are not sure where to look for professional assistance or their troubled teen, they can turn to Help Your Teen Now. We are a parent advocate program, created by a woman with troubled teens as well, and we collect and distribute information on fine programs as well as less than stellar programs, so parents can make a choice.

Our resources include everything from locations, prices and staff bios to testimonials from participants in the various programs across Michigan and the country. We have worked well with hundreds of people in finding the right program for their teen, and we’d like to help you as well. HYTN isn’t aligned with any group, school or program. That’s how you know you can trust our information, because we have no agenda or motivation for you to go to any school.

Michigan Wilderness Therapy Programs

School Name Category Ages

Airborne Teen Challenge

Co-ed  11-17

Midcourse Correction Camp

co-ed  11-17

Wilderness Therapy Programs in Michigan: Regulations and Laws

In Michigan, residential camps like wilderness therapy programs, are governed by the Department of Human Services for the State of Michigan. Operational camps require a valid state license. All camp staff must submit to a detailed criminal background check as well. Licensing rules, found in R 400.11101, include keeping a detailed record of all participants, and that it gets updated daily. R 400.11111 specifies that there must be 1 adult for every 14 campers over the age of 13. It also specifies that each camp will produce a written behavior policy and that deprivation of food or water is not allowed.

Participants must receive 3 meals per day and the must meet all nutritional guidelines and the camp should have each week’s menu on file (R 400.11131). When camps will travel to a new site, there must be an itinerary that outlines the travel plan, plus an emergency plan in place, according to R 400.11146. Any high adventure activities must be in compliance with the state’s high adventure rules as outlined in R 400.11401, including a certified aquatic supervisor (R 400.11405).


Michigan Troubled Teen Statistics

High school graduation:


Just 77 percent of Michigan teen boys and girls actually graduate from high school.


Teens and alcohol:


31% of teens in Michigan have had a drink of alcohol in the past thirty days.


Teens who try marijuana:


35% of Michigan teenagers have smoked marijuana once in their lives.


Prescription drug abuse:


Around 6 percent of MI teenagers use pain relievers for non-medical reasons.


National suicide ranking:


In the United States, Michigan ranks 32nd in suicides.


Locating The Right Wilderness Therapy Programs in Michigan Through Help Your Teen Now

Of course, no parent wants to be separated from their child, but sometimes teens need a level of help that you simply cannot provide. Researching and choosing the right wilderness therapy program in Michigan is the best way to make the transition smoother and most effective. When teenagers need mental health counseling and behavior guidance in an intensive, therapeutic environment, HYTN can guide you through the difficult process via our extensive resources. You’ll be struggling with letting them go, but glad they are getting the help they need to progress and heal.

Help Your Teen Now is ready and waiting to assist parents of troubled teens that are seeking information on wilderness therapy programs in Michigan. Please call 1-800-901-7374 today for more information.

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