Wilderness Therapy Programs in Massachusetts

When you are trying to find the right wilderness therapy program for your struggling teenager and you simply don’t know where to turn, consider contacting Help Your Teen Now. We are a parent advocate group with plenty of experience in the often confusing teen help industry. Help Your Teen Now understands why you are overwhelmed with all the options.

After all, how do you know what wilderness camps have been successful and which ones are questionable? Your child’s health and safety are the most important things right now, so take advantage of the information we can provide in order to make the right decision.

Help Your Teen Now, a parent resource program, is ready to help all Massachusetts parents get the information they need to make a good decision for their teen. We’d love it if you would contact us by calling 800.901.7374 today.

Help Your Teen Now Assists Parents in Identifying Wilderness Therapy Programs in Massachusetts

The founder of this program had worked in the teen help industry for many years, but when she had trouble with her teenage children, she was extremely surprised to find that there was no unbiased, free resource for parents that were seeking help. She created HYTN as a parent advocate group that is dedicated to accumulating research and knowledge about all kinds of residential and therapy programs for teens. Today, Help Your Teen Now helps thousands of parents and teenagers in locating the ideal program, including wilderness therapy programs in Massachusetts, for their needs.

Too many teen help resources are tied to certain schools, facilities, programs and even treatment philosophies. While well-meaning, that just makes the information they present a bit biased. Help Your Teen Now is not affiliated to any program in the country, so we can deliver completely unbiased information, research and advice to parents in need. If you are ready to take the big step of getting your teenager some professional help via a wilderness therapy camp in Massachusetts or elsewhere, please use the wealth of information available through Help Your Teen Now.

Wilderness Programs in Massachusetts

School Name Category Ages

Camp Starfish

Co-ed  7-17

Triumph Center

Co-ed  5-16

Crossroads for Kids

Co-ed  7-17

Massachusetts Regulatory Laws for Wilderness Programs for Teens

The state of Massachusetts has set minimum standards for camps in the state code (105 CMR 430.000). The governing body for youth camps is the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services, and it issues licenses for residential camps for all ages. Both staff and volunteers must subject themselves to a criminal background check before working with children in Massachusetts wilderness therapy camps.

Some of the standards for camp management include a minimum staff to camper ratio of 1 to 10, with at least 2 counselors, and special needs campers must have a 1 to 4 ratio. (430.101). During specialized activities like hiking, canoeing and rock climbing, a counselor with training in that area must supervise kids, for their safety. Camps are required to keep medical logs on each attendee as well and these records are subject to inspection by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (430.155).

Also, Massachusetts specifically prohibits corporal punishment as discipline, and no teen can be denied food or shelter as a punishment, nor can they be subjected to cruel treatment, humiliation or verbal abuse (430.191). Primitive camp programs must also supply a day-to-day itinerary, have emergency care lined up, and contingency plans for those emergencies (430.212). An emergency communication system is a requirement as well (430.213).


Statistics for Troubled Teens in Massachusetts

Massachusetts high school graduation rate:



Teens who admit to nonmedical use of pain relievers:



Teens who have smoked marijuana in the last month:



Teens that consumed alcohol in the last month:



National ranking for suicide:



 Teens who drank before age 13:



Allow Help Your Teen Now To Find You Wilderness Therapy Programs in Massachusetts

When teenagers are struggling with emotional, mental health or behavior issues at the home or at school, it’s hard for parents to know where to turn for help. In difficult situations, people turn to those who have experienced the same trials, and HYTN can be that support you so desperately need. We can help you figure out what kind of wilderness program your child will benefit from, and then provide you with all the resources you need to find the right one for them.

Remember that because our information is unbiased, we don’t have any agenda of pushing a particular program onto parents of troubled teens. This can give you peace of mind during a troubling time, knowing that you are making important life decisions based on accurate and truthful information. HYTN is ready and waiting to help parents and teens in Massachusetts and from every state.

For more information on Help Your Teen Now and how we have helped families just like yours, please contact us at 1-800-901-7347. There’s no time to delay in getting your teenager’s life sorted out and on the right track.

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