Wilderness Therapy Programs in Florida

Wouldn’t you as a parent do anything to give your teenager the kind of future he or she deserves? That’s why it is so hard for Florida parents who live with troubled teenagers to stand by and do nothing as they make bad choices and jeopardize their school and work lives. Many parents turn to boot camps, military schools, therapeutic boarding schools and wilderness therapy programs in Florida in the hope that their teen will realize that their struggles can be overcome. If you are a Florida parents seeking guidance for wilderness therapy programs, please contact Help Your Teen Now.

Help Your Teen Now is a parent advocate group with a goal of aiding parents of troubled teens in finding and researching the best teen help programs. Start the journey by calling 1-800-901-7374.

Help Your Teen Now Can Help You Find A Wilderness Program

When teenagers struggle with a number of emotional, mental health or behavioral issues, it’s a mistake to think that they will simply outgrow them. Traditional schools really don’t have the resources to deal with troubled teens, and even if teens attend weekly therapy sessions, the impact isn’t very large. Sometimes teens need full-time care and regular consulting in a safe and structured environment without modern distractions. That’s why wilderness therapy programs can be so effective and Help Your Teen Now wants to assist you in finding the best match for your child.

Florida parents can trust Help Your Teen Now because the service was started by a mother with some questions about where to look and what to do about finding residential help for her troubled teenager. Today, Help Your Teen Now has assisted hundreds of families just like yours, and the teenagers that have seen success in the program share their experiences with us. We also gather resources and information about all kinds of teen help programs, not just wilderness retreats. Because we don’t belong to any kind of school, program or facility, our information that we share is unbiased.

Wilderness Programs in Florida

School Name Category Ages

Eckerd Youth Alternatives

Co-ed  12-17

Laws and Regulations for Wilderness Therapy Programs in Florida

When it comes to licensing for residential camps, the state of Florida does not require them. The Florida Department of Children and Families is the regulatory body for all types of youth camps and monitors all operations, conduct and maintenance. The law states that all staff members at residential camps (including owners, operators, volunteers and employees) are required to have a criminal background check performed. The regulatory agencies must also have access to the personnel records to guarantee screening requirements have been met (Florida Statute 409.175).

Overnight camps must provide adequate food, supervision, services, clothing and equipment to ensure a healthy physical, mental and emotional environment, according to the statute. Also, as part of Florida’s recreation camp standards, each gender should have their own separate sleeping quarters and hygiene facilities (64E-15.009 Recreational Camp Standards).



Statistics for Florida’s Troubled Teenagers

Texas high school graduation rate:


Just 75 percent of Florida’s high school students graduate, according to the U.S. Department of Education (2011)


Teens that have had alcohol in the last 30 days:


Approximately 37% of Florida teenage boys and girls have had a drink of alcohol within the past 30 days.


Teens that have used cocaine in the last 30 days:


Cocaine use among Florida teens is 3%, averaged between 4% use in males and 2% use in females.


The percentage of Florida teens who have tried alcohol before the age of 13 equals:



National ranking for suicide:


Florida ranks 28th in the nation for suicides.


Teens that drank before age 13:


The percentage of Florida teens who have tried alcohol before the age of 13 equals 19%.


Teens that have smoked marijuana at least once:


When it comes to marijuana use, 39 % of Florida teens admit to trying it at least once.


Ask How Help Your Teen Now Can Help You Find a Wilderness Therapy Program in Florida

The benefits of a wilderness therapy program are immeasurable in a troubled teenager’s life. When daily distractions like electronics, bad friends, frustrated teachers and even a troubled home life are left behind, teens can focus on health and healing. Experienced staff members at these camps help teens explore their inner strengths, and work on ways to cope with mental health, behavioral and emotional obstacles. Help Your Teen Now is the best place to gather resources and figure out your next steps.

When you are seeking resources for all the different types of residential therapeutic programs, including wilderness therapy programs in Florida, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Let Help Your Teen Now provide you with our extensive records, testimonials and background information on all kinds of wilderness programs. We understand the incredible pressure you are going through and we believe it is our job to help you bear this burden of finding a wilderness camp that can really help your teenager.

Are you interested in what Help Your Teen Now might be able to do for you in finding a program for your struggling teenage girl or boy. We know about wilderness therapy programs in Florida and other states, so let us share our knowledge with you when you call 1-800-901-7347 today.

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