Wilderness Therapy Programs in Colorado

Did you know that teen wilderness therapy programs in Colorado can be an excellent way for your troubled teenager to get away from his current bad behaviors and start transitioning toward a healthier and happier future? But how do parents like you find the best programs in Colorado and beyond? After all, not all wilderness camps are the same, and some can even be a bad idea for your teen son or daughter.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a resource where parents could access all kinds of information about different programs? The good news is that Help Your Teen Now may be the parent resource you’ve needed to help you make the decision about which wilderness therapy program is right for your teen.

Help Your Teen Now is a free parent resource that provides guidance and support for Colorado parents of troubled teenagers. Please contact us at 1-800-901-7347 for more information.

Finding Wilderness Therapy Programs in Colorado Using Help Your Teen Now

When parents are dealing with troubled teens, they are feeling frustrated, worried and often alone. One mother with her own troubled teens realized that there were little to no resources out there for parents who need guidance, advice and a helping hand. She started Help Your Teen Now, and today this parent-friendly service is free of charge and standing by to provide all the assistance a frustrated parent might need.

Wilderness therapy programs have been shown to positively compound the effects of traditional therapy, and as an added bonus, the setting eliminates lots of distractions in teen lives by removing the modern stress triggers. Help Your Teen Now has plenty of experience in navigating the teen help industry, but we aren’t affiliated with any program or school. That way, we can provide unbiased information and earn the trust of parents across the nation. Our resources include recommendations from other parents and teens that have been through the different programs, as well as industry reports, consumer information, and what to look for in a successful wilderness therapy program. Help Your Teen Now will definitely become that support you need in identifying the best programs out there.

Wilderness Therapy Programs in Colorado

School Name Category Ages

Mountain Homes Youth Ranch

Co-ed  12-17

Trail Head Wilderness School

Co-ed  13-17

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

Co-ed  13-17

Blue Mountain Ranch

Co-ed  7-15

Regulatory Laws of Wilderness Therapy Programs in Colorado

Residential camps for teens in Colorado must obtain a license from the state’s Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care. Criminal background checks are required for anyone working at a Colorado wilderness therapy program. These camps are designated as “specialized group facilities” that are allowed to provide 24-hour care for no more than 12 children up to 18 years old.

In Colorado, the Department of Human Services conducts routine visits to check out the program’s location and operations. If a complaint is registered, the department has a process to identify the severity of the complaint and act accordingly. The complaints must center on the operations of the program as well as the conduct of the staff. If a wilderness therapy program in Colorado is found in violation, the Division can deny, suspend or revoke the license, plus assess fines.


Let Help Your Teen Now Find the Best Wilderness Therapy Programs

When you don’t believe your teenager can find success in traditional schools and is equally struggling at home and in the community, it may be time to enroll him in a wilderness therapy program. Mental health challenges, emotional burdens, trauma scars and more can all become overwhelming obstacles that teens don’t know how to deal with unless they get professional counseling. Wilderness therapy programs have great success in taking teens out of their comfort zone and into experiences with skilled leaders that force them to examine themselves and their obstacles. In the right environment, where teens can gain confidence and identify what their struggles are, they’ll have a shot at wholeness and healing.

Help Your Teen Now has already helped thousands of parents and troubled teenagers from Colorado and across the country in locating the ideal wilderness therapy program. Not all recommendations are for the programs in your state—remember, it’s better to have your teen go to the right program than to worry about geography. Help Your Teen Now can be invaluable to you as your family starts this long but ultimately rewarding process to get your teen’s life back on track.

Colorado parents who are interested in more information from Help Your Teen Now should call 1-800-901-7347. We have consultants available to take you from worried to relieved as you empower yourself and your teen with the tools to transform their life.

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