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When your teen has behavioral issues that you can no longer control, it may be time to look into full time mediation. As you begin your research, you will see that there are many teen help choices in Arizona. These programs are designed to help troubled teens learn how to manage their personal issues and replace negative behavior with positive solutions. One of the best ways to kick start your teen’s stay in a long term facility is a wilderness program. Wilderness programs combine the best of therapy and healthy opportunities outside to guide troubled teens toward greater self-confidence as well as leadership and teamwork opportunities.

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HYTN was founded by individuals that recognized a necessity for a primary resource site where parents could get reliable and unbiased information on options for their troubled teens. HYTN has helped connect hundreds of parents with the most effective therapy for their child, including wilderness programs, troubled teen ranches, full time treatment centers and boarding schools for teens.

We are not affiliated with any facility, so parents can be assured that our endorsements come from experience, accreditation, safety and value. Our goal is to ensure that families in need get the best information possible for facilities with high rates of success. We know that finding full time help for your teen is painful and intimidating and we are here to make the process a little easier.

Unlike the boot camp or military style solutions that employ intimidation and depravation to elicit changes, wilderness programs utilize the benefits of the outdoors to help detox teens from their dependence on technology and give them chances to discover new strengths and practice healthy teamwork. Such programs approach troubled teen boys and girls through a therapeutic approach to help create a mindset that is ideal for the work they will do in a long term facility.

Most wilderness programs last up to four months and help teens focus on a healthy lifestyle and confronting issues head on, rather than resorting to unhealthy coping methods. Leadership, teamwork and accountability are greatly emphasized.

Arizona Wilderness Therapy

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Anasazi Foundation

Wilderness Therapy Program

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness Therapy Program

Redcliff Ascent Wilderness Treatment

Wilderness Therapy Program

Arizona Wilderness Therapy Program Regulation

The Arizona Office of Environmental Health oversees camp requirements within the state of Arizona. A license is required for both resident and day camps through the Department of Health Services. Operating regulations must meet state standards in residential camps throughout the state. Criminal background checks are allowed by law but unfortunately, not required for therapeutic camps.

According to the Code of Arizona Title regarding overnight camps, buildings and structures and grounds need to be visibly safe and maintained as pertaining to A.R.S. 36-3904 and the water supply must meet ADEQ and food code requirements. FC 5-101.11. Living quarters are to be inspected and properly kept according to the standards decreed in A.R.S. 36-3905 and exits should be located to lessen potential hazards from fire or accident.

Reference: http://www.azdhs.gov/documents/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/food-safety-environmental-services/childrens-camp-inspection-report.pdf


Arizona Statistics


Arizona ranks 11th in the country for juvenile suicide




Only 78% of teenage students graduate.



8.9% of Arizona teens smoke marijuana



18% of youth in the state regularly drink alcohol



At least 8.5 % of AZ teens admit to prescription drug use

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