What to Expect At a Boot Camp for Teen Girls

When teen girls are experiencing trouble with mental or behavioral issues, parents often seriously consider sending them to a therapeutic boarding school or behavior boot camp so they can get the help they need. If your daughter is struggling to succeed in school and at work, you may want to look more seriously at boot camps and other options. As you do your research into these residential treatment centers, make sure you are clear on what to expect at a boot camp for teen girls.

You can expect that this therapeutic boarding school will definitely focus on individual therapy and academics. Your daughter’s traditional school has very limited resources to deal with teens who have real problems so the staff there won’t be the best people to work with your child. A boot camp or therapeutic boarding school is a specialized school staffed by licensed professionals that gives troubled teen girls a safe and structured environment for teens to get the individualized help they need to overcome their own personal challenges.

Another thing to expect at a boot camp for teen girls is the focus on therapy. Behavior therapy is key to setting and achieving goals, plus getting to do certain activities by rewarding positive behaviour and taking away privileges. Individual therapy and group therapy work together to get your daughter’s mind and emotions to a good place where she can make progress.

You and your daughter can expect a serious academic component at boot camps for teen girls. Professional teachers will develop an individualized learning plan for your troubled teen and give her the patience, understanding and support that she needs to reach her academic goals. Some programs even offer college prep classes so that students can continue on the path to success.

At a boot camp for teen girls, you can expect a lot of rules and regulations to create a safe and structured environment for all the girls participating. There won’t be a lot of freedom and girls will usually be asked to contribute to keeping up the living space by doing chores. MOst electronic devices like cell phones or music players won’t be allowed, either. This is to ensure that the girls are focused on the important things like school, building relationships and learning more about themselves through therapy.

While it is tough to make that final decision on whether or not to send your daughter to a boot camp, it helps to know what to expect at a boot camp for teen girls. Knowing what to expect can give you and your troubled teen girl an advantage in preparing for this important, scary yet ultimately rewarding step.

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