Troubled Teen Girls Get Their Lives Straight at Havenwood Academy


For teen girls with mental health issues, behavioral problems, delinquency, eating disorders, or other serious conditions, the future may be dark. It can seem impossible that a teenager, with compromised decision-making and coping skills, would be able to turn the tide of chaos that swims around her now. Families can find themselves in extreme distress, trying to love and support their troubled teen daughter – before it’s too late. It’s never too late, of course, but any family will tell you there comes a point at which your family has done all within your power to assist your teen daughter. If she is to turn her life around and set the path straight, she will need more help than you can give.

Havenwood Academy

Some families have found this hope in Havenwood Academy. Havenwood Academy is a residential treatment center in Utah, specializing in experiential therapy for troubled teen girls. Unlike many residential treatment facilities, Havenwood Academy does not operate on a juvenile punishment/reward system, nor do they rely heavily on office conversation therapy. It isn’t a glorified prison for abandoning your problem child, either. Havenwood Academy is unique for many reasons, but mostly in it’s ability to help troubled teen girls get their lives straight – for good.

What is Experiential Therapy?

Experiential therapy is the most effective way at treating the issues and conditions facing most troubled teen girls, because it reflects the way healthy teens and adults learn and grow – through experience. Rather than talking endlessly about their problems and mistakes or “working the system” of punishments and rewards, experiential therapy involves each and every participant, and invites each teen girl to become a key player in her own rehabilitation. Experiential therapy is flexible and customized to each individual girl to help meet specific needs and preferences. Teen girls find themselves in new situations and circumstances, with support and assistance, solving real life problems and learning positive social skills along the way. These skills and experiences naturally translate into real life after treatment, making Havenwood Academy a successful choice for families looking for a semi-permanent solution for long-term happiness.

How does Havenwood help troubled teens?

Havenwood Academy has a structured and time-tested system for helping troubled teen girls, and at its core is the commitment to helping troubled teen girls get their lives straight and to re-enter those lives, healthy and happy. There are many facets to the Havenwood approach, but a few of the main precepts are as follows:

  • Every person is of value, safe, respected, and heard
  • Each girl much be invested and participating in her own education
  • Experiential treatment helps girls build the mental and emotional skills needed to thrive when leaving treatment
  • Education is critical, and all girls are able to learn and earn a high school diploma

Upon completing Havenwood Academy, troubled teen girls will not have wasted years on a couch talking mindlessly to a therapist. They will leave healthier, happier, and prepared for college or wherever their aspirations may take them. Their lives, once dark, chaotic, and broken, will be set straight and ready for successful independent living.

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